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Beautiful, unique wedding favours are a graceful way of thanking your guests for the thought, time, rescheduling, travelling and gift-giving that they’ve expended to share your wedding day with you. You appreciate all the effort they’ve put into helping celebrate you and your spouse! There’s no better way to build some long-lasting happy memories than to send them home with special wedding favours.

You will need to be cognizant of the price of wedding favours. This expense can quickly eat into any wedding budget, particularly if you’re expecting a large number of guests. Here are 8 tips that can help you save some money on those oh-so-coveted yet cheap wedding favours.


Cheap Wedding Favours Tip #1 : Compare prices from various vendors
Before deciding on anything, search for potential wedding favours from local vendors and compare their prices. Also, don’t overlook exploring favours from Etsy, eBay and Amazon. You may be able to find good deals at these online marketplaces. In addition, Kiasu Bride also lists popular shops where you can buy favours or get some good ideas: Make sure that you factor in taxes and shipping fees when comparing costs between vendors!

Cheap Wedding Favours Tip #2 : Do not use the search term “wedding favours” when looking online
When searching for shops online, try avoiding the term “wedding favours”. Some vendors put a higher price on items that are specifically marketed to couples planning their weddings. 



Cheap Wedding Favours Tip #3 : Watch out for wholesale deals
Another thing to look for is wholesale deals. These can really cut down your per-unit cost. If you want to take this idea a step further, try asking your local vendors if you can get a discount if you buy in bulk.


Cheap Wedding Favours Tip #4 : Look for discontinued items
If you can’t find any wholesale deals, check out the possibility of locating discontinued items instead. Some stores will offer huge discounts on discontinued items. However, you have to make sure that there is sufficient remaining quantity for each and every one of your guests


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Cheap Wedding Favours Tip #5 : Choose favours that can double as other wedding items
There are a lot of wedding items that you can repurpose to serve as your wedding favour. For example, one of your wedding favours could be the escort card, which is a clever way to guide your guests to their seats. Wedding favours in glass jars or vases can double as centrepieces that guests can take home from the reception. Even your wedding cake can serve as wedding favours. Simply put slices of the sweet treat into fancy but secure cardboard boxes and put a name tag on each.


Cheap Wedding Favours Tip #6 : Unleash your creativity and create your own crafty favours
There is no better way to make your wedding favours truly personal than to create them yourself. Recruit your family members and the people in your wedding party to help out. Take note, however, that you should start assembling your wedding favours as early as possible to avoid cramming everything in right before your wedding day.

Are you and your fiancée music lovers? You could burn your wedding playlist on a CD and give one to each guest as a favour. Another idea is to save the songs on a USB flash drive, which is nice and portable. Do you and your groom advocate for healthy eating? Then why not create a healthy mix of granola and dried fruits, and fill beautiful little jars for your guests? Are you coffee lovers? Maybe you could put a handful of coffee beans in burlap sack pillows and attach pretty labels to them. Are you nature lovers? Perhaps you could give away plants or succulents that you have re-potted in miniature containers.


Cheap Wedding Favours Tip #7 : Or let your guests assemble their own favours
Buy candies, mints and chocolates in bulk to save on individual package costs, and set up a do-it-yourself candy bar. If you are a good cook, you might even make your own treats. You can then gather your guests around the buffet table to choose their own sweets before they go home. Provide cute decorative boxes or pouches for them to fill with their chosen treats. Or instead of candy, check out these 7 DIY wedding favour stations everyone will love.


Cheap Wedding Favours Tip #8 : Personalise your thank-you notes
The most memorable souvenirs are the ones that truly represent you and your groom. Sit down with him after the wedding and take the time to write a personal message of thanks to each and every one of your guests. That will make the wedding favours all the more meaningful.

The notes do not have to be printed on expensive paper. You can even use paper left over from your menu cards, escort cards and signage to be more environmentally friendly. Neither do the notes need to be in fancy letterpress or embossed texts. It may be an even more touching gesture if you and your groom take turns writing each letter by hand. (See: 3 things you shouldn’t spend too much on ’cause nobody cares about them)


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