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It used to be such a novelty to have photo booths at weddings; these days it’s almost as essential as the wedding photographer – every wedding has one!

Just as there are wedding photographers with different photography styles, not all photo booth vendors provide the same service.

Besides the usual pretty backdrop and photo prints for guests, here are some other points you should look out for:

  • It would be good if your photo booth vendor has more than one backdrop; it’s just more fun to shoot pics against different backdrops rather than the same one throughout the night. 
  • The vendor should have a variety of fun props guests can play with for their picture. Besides these, check if they have some pretty or romantic props like floral wreaths, oversize pink hearts, pastel coloured beribboned balloons and vintage picture frames etc.
  • As most photo booth vendors charge by the hour, you may have to pay more to ensure the booth is around even after the dinner has started – at least for an extra hour or so. Having the photo booth around just for the reception may not give your guests enough time to take their snap. Sometimes guests will prefer to take their picture at a lull period during the dinner when it’s not so crowded.
  • It’s a thoughtful gesture if your vendor is able to bring the pictures to your guests themselves. If that is not possible (as there may be too many pictures), they should at least categorise the pictures according to table numbers so guests won’t have to sift through the entire pile just to find their picture.
  • Vendors should be able to give at least two kinds of lighting when taking pictures – a nice flat generic lighting and flash photography – people actually look better with stronger, bleached out light, as it brightens colours and fills in facial lines and wrinkles!
  • Get a vendor who is proactive; as you will be busy greeting guests, it would be good if your vendor can go around and ask your guests to get their picture taken at the booth. Most time the photo booth tends to be set up in a corner and guests may not even know there is one until the evening is done.