Image: KAI Pictures from Pei Mei & Yuan Jin's wedding.

We’ve wrote about igenious ways you can entertain your guests and what guests really love about weddings, and now here’s our guide on how you can show your appreciation and thank them for being there for your special day in these 8 thoughtful ways; with the key pointers being comfort and personalisation.

1. “We are looking forward to see you!”

This starts from before the actual day.

Be it in the form of a quick reminder via your wedding page (Facebook, website etc) that the day is nearing or a personal text; it’s a way for you to tell them that you’re looking forward to seeing them at your wedding.

2. Have a treat on us

While wedding hotel packages come with favours, it’s a always a nice touch if you can add on to that with something more personal.

Whether it’s an arcade claw machine filled with useful goodies or a handmade pouch of treats – like how our couples have done, these bundle of thoughts and efforts will go a long way with your guest.

Image: Stanstills Photography from Sheena & Ben's wedding.

3. Take a seat

Having an exclusive reception area is important, but so is ensuring that there are sufficent seating for your elderly guests and young kids.

Standing cocktail tables may look chic but it would be a nice touch if you could provide seating arrangements for added comfort.

4. Let’s play!

It’s hard to be a parent, in whichever situation. Even simply going out takes an extra hour (or two) to prep for.

To give a short break for your guests who are bringing their children along to your wedding, you can consider following the example of our couples of having a simple colouring corner, or even going all-out with carnival booths and rides at your reception to entertain the kids and give their parents a breather to enjoy your wedding festivities.

Image: Acapella Photography from Celestine & Kelvin's wedding.

5. Feed them right

Being aware of the different dietry requirements of your guests is one of the more basic considerations you should take note of when planning for your reception or banquet. This can be checked upon their RSVP.

Image: Bloc Memoire Photography from Marion & Marc-Andre's wedding.

You can also plan a menu that has a variety of dishes – vegetarian, non-beef or pork dishes etc, so that if there was any cases of miscommunication, there’ll still be some dishes suitable for those guests.

6. Married and ready to mingle

…mingle with your guests we mean.

Image: Bloc Memoire Photography from Marion & Marc-Andre's wedding.

One common post-wedding regret is the lack of available time spent with guests. In between your programs and gown changes, try to grab hold as many moments as you can with them.

They will come to mean the most after the day is over.

7. Dedicate your speech

If you’ve any tear-inducing dedication you’d like to make to your friends or family but have always found it too cheesy to do so, there’s no better chance than your wedding. Don’t hold back on your I love yous – even to your siblings.

Entering a new stage in your life calls for dramatic moments.

Image: KAI Pictures from Pei Mei & Yuan Jin's wedding.

We also know long speeches aren’t exactly a crowd-pleaser, so instead, for larger groups of friends and colleagues, you can give a brief shout-out (best if inside jokes are included) to ensure that everyone is mentioned.

Try to be as inclusive as possible but still entertaining. Excuse us for the tall order, but we're sure you can be charming if you genuinely tried! 


8. Throw in some surprises

The Singaporean in me loved the lucky draw a friend had during her wedding. Another had a live jazz band which brought so much vibes throughout the banquet.

If it’s within your wedding budget and talents, throwing in surprises like these will make your wedding an even more memorable time for your guests.

Most of the time, its the unplanned moments that people remember the most. One of our real couples had murtabak delivered in the middle of the night for their wedding pool party!