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#1 Expect them to go to every single dress shopping trip with you

Or every other wedding-related event. Remember, your bridal party’s lives don’t revolve around your wedding. They might have a big project at work, have a new baby or are facing family issues. And booking vendor meet-ups, DIY crafting or gown shopping weekend after weekend? We’ll be surprised if they don’t hate you, even if it’s just slightly. 


#2 Lose weight or alter any part of their body

That’s just plain rude and insensitive. So.just.don’t. Don’t insist that they dye or cut their hair, get piercings, a tan or a tattoo just to fit in with your idea of your dream wedding, either. 


#3 Be on call 24/7 

Keep in mind these are your besties, not your personal assistants who must respond to your requests every hour. It’s one thing to remind your bridesmaids of tasks that need to be done by a certain deadline, and another to constantly breathe down their neck and spam their phones with messages. 


#4 Be your wedding stylist/florist/baker

Sure, you can get them involved in certain DIY aspects, or even dress up a simple reception table. But to do up a full blown set-up or decorate 300 cupcakes? Sure, but just expect to face unhappy bridesmaids, a potentially wrecked friendship(s), and possibly the opposite of the Pinterest-worthy decor of your dreams – your friends aren’t wedding pros, after all. Even if they are, it’s barely unreasonable to get them to do it for free, too. 


#5 Get professional makeup, hair and manicures done

…unless you’re footing the bill. It’s also important to know your friends’ financial situations and not expect them to purchase that designer dress just because it’ll look fantastic for your celebration.


#6 Be the middleman for your family drama

Amidst the stress of wedding prep and with everyone having an opinion, disagreements can arise between you and your family members (here’s how to deal with your in-laws during wedding prep) in the months leading up to the wedding. It’s not up to  your bridal party to play mediator or relay messages. Don’t put your friends in an awkward situation and they’ll thank you for it.


#7 Get you a huge gift or extravagant bachelorette party 

If they’re already pitching in for their dresses, hair and makeup and bachelorette parties and bridal showers, it’s not fair to expect (or worse, demand) that they get you a pricey present. Take their budget concerns into consideration when planning a bachelorette party.


#8 And speaking of bachelorette parties…

Not everyone will be comfortable with going to say, a strip club, so don’t insist. You can either change the itinerary and organise an activity where everyone will have fun, or allow your friend to sit out on this one.