Image: Her World Brides Dec’2017 issue, gown from Rico-A-Mona

After the kiss, tears of joy, and promises made, here’s a list of things you should do, to help make the rest of your day a better or more comfortable one. Enjoy!


1. Keep the cert!
Make sure you assign someone to take care of your marriage certificate. We have heard stories of couples misplacing the all-important document after the excitement of fielding congratulations from just about everyone in the room.

Yes, it comes protected in a nice gold folder, but please don’t just leave it around after you’ve been pronounced man and wife. That piece of paper is proof that you’re legally married, and if anything, the mood after realising you’ve lost it, isn’t going to be a positive one, especially if you’ve got a reception to look forward to. 

We suggest assigning a trusted family member or wedding party to remember to look out for it after the ceremony when you’ve got your mind wrapped up on other things.


2. Wear your engagement ring
If you’re not wearing it during the ceremony, leave it with a trusted person to safeguard it, keep it in the safe (if you’re booking a hotel room for the day), leave it at home, or wear it on your right hand.

Just don’t forget to put it back on once you’ve exchanged wedding bands, or after you’ve got to the room or at home.



3. Collect your things
After your guests start leaving the venue (if you’re having your reception at a separate location), don’t forget to ask someone to collect all your things, especially if you’re not returning.

These include: extra programmes, favours, your bags, as well as other miscellaneous items.


4. Spend some time together as a couple
Your wedding may be the day you begin your journey as man and wife, but there will also be many others celebrating it with you.

You may or may not be able to spend time together during the reception, as you will be greeting guests on your respective sides.

So use the break between your ceremony and reception and take in everything quietly, together.



5. Use the bathroom
You may be surprised how often brides forget to use the bathroom after the ceremony.

When you’re caught up in the excitement of your new status and all your loved ones in one place, it’s tempting to try and catch up with everyone present.

But don’t forget to let it go, especially if you require help from an assistant to handle your gown.


6. Eat
A common complaint, couples often find themselves not being able to enjoy the food they painstakingly selected.

Solve that by asking someone to save food for you to eat before the reception, so you don’t go hungry after. Or, just find a spot, sit down and enjoy your meal.

We’re sure your guests won’t mind coming up to you to extend their congratulations instead.


7. Rest
If you’re having all your events in a day, chances are, you should have a few hours in between the solemnisation ceremony and the reception.

Use this time to catch some zzzs, or just relax in comfortable clothes. You’ve still got a whole night ahead of you.


8. Thank your helpers
They may or may not have the chance to spend time with you on your wedding day, as they have duties to handle, but gather them for a while and thank them for all their help.

They have worked hard to make your day run as seamlessly as possible.