#1 Drink up

Failing to supply your with skin enough water from the inside might lead to dryness so keep your organs hydrated by ensuring that you have an adequate amount of water daily. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day also improves your digestion, absorption and blood circulation. Keep yourself hydrated around the clock by carrying a water bottle with yourself at all times- no excuses for getting that large sweetened tea to quench your thirst!

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#2 Wash makeup off throughly

Using makeup wipes is really convenient, but ensure that you do not only rely on them for daily makeup removal. It’s always safer to make sure that you spend an ample amount of time cleaning the makeup off your skin with a makeup remover and subsequently, a face wash. Rinse your face with water thoroughly afterwards so there isn’t a single speck of makeup left. Makeup residue and bacteria may potentially lead to breakouts! 

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#3 Invest in skincare

Skin care does not have to be expensive if you find products that work for your skin. Stick to the basics such as cleansers, moisturisers and face masks. This also means that you should prioritise purchasing an amazing detoxifying clay mask to remove the impurities from your skin than get the latest matte foundation on the market!

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#4 Get a good night’s sleep

I think we can all agree that 7-8 hours of sleep makes a visible difference in our skin. As our skin cells renew and regenerate during the night, it is crucial that we are resting in bed for a minimum of 7 hours so that we can wake up to smooth and refreshed skin!

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#5 Eat for your skin

As much as you love your Friday night pizza and wine, do make it a rule to reserve this celebratory meal only on cheat days. Overloading your diet with too many oily, sweet or alcoholic foods will wreak as much as havoc on your skin, as it will on your waistline. Instead, feed your skin with juicy fruits, fish and vegetables. Trust us, it will show! Include these 8 foods in your diet for fabulous hair and skin on your big day.

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#6 Have no-makeup days

We all need our war paint but it is equally alright if we self-proclaim a couple of no makeup days each week! Whenever you feel like your skin needs a break, listen to your body and put your makeup brushes down for the day. Your skin will thank you. 

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#7 Stay stress-free

Stress, worries and deadlines can show up in the form of pesky zits on your face. Ladies with clear skin have found an outlet to release their stress, be it carefully planning their schedule, meditating or going to yoga classes. Once you know how to handle the stress, no amount of worry can ruin your efforts at taking care of your skin. 

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#8 Work out

Exercise keeps your skin healthy too. Breaking a sweat increases blood circulation which flushes out impurities and nourishes your skin cells. Plus, working out is another amazing way to reduce your stress. A happy you = great skin!

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This story was originally published in Shape Singapore.