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Sometimes all we want to do with our man is snuggle and cuddle because who doesn’t like cuddles? But sometimes, we are reminded of the fact that the human body might not be built for cuddling. Imagine awkward limbs sprawled everywhere and a struggle to regulate body temperatures, it’s a wonder we even try…

1. Having a reluctant cuddle partner
As much as we’ve heard about men who love being cuddled, there are the reluctant cuddles who have to be forced into antagonistically cuddling: “Just ten minutes?” “No” “Five?” “Okay fine.”

2. The front cuddle aka the squished nose
Like a hug that never lets up, the front cuddle dictates that your nose would be squished on some part of his body, most of the time, it’s his chest. And however much he works out, you can’t just snuggle his chest the way he does yours. 

3. Being the little spoon all the time
Sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. But you suggest it, feelings get hurt because it’s “emasculating”, so just stay the little spoon. 

When you’re tangling your bodies under the covers or in the front of the telly, it’s unavoidable that your hair is going to get pinched underneath your partner’s arm, or get snagged by a watch. Even if you tie it up. 

5. Too hot to handle 
In a country that is never winter, the heat can get too much too quick. In a country that has winter, one cuddler will be feeling warmer than the other anyway and the cuddling ends when the sweat starts. 

6. Boner alert 
“I can’t help it, just be flattered,” he would say. You’re thinking, “Are  we done cuddling? Is it sexy time? Are we going to keep cuddling with the awkward boner? How do we proceed?!?!” 

7. Stabbed by scruff 
Men love their beards. We love the way their beards look, but not so much the way they feel. It’s almost like sandpaper on your neck.

8. Being so comfortable that your circulation gets cut off (but not caring anyway)
Almost every cuddling position will force you to fold one arm under the body. And it it’s not an arm, you pinch a nerve on your leg and you start feeling pins and needles. But it’s difficult to move the limb around because when it’s good, it’s good and you get way.. too.. comfortable… zzzZZ 

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