The solemnisation setup at Jayne Tham and Vernon A’s wedding.

These clever ideas will help make wedding planning a breeze, plus keep guests updated before, during, and after the reception.

1. Have a wedding website
Instead of listing all your information on your wedding invitation, a website – practically the norm amongst all couples these days – will be useful in exchanging event details with your guests. You can either hire a graphic designer to build your website (if you’re particular about the design and certain icons), or do it yourself (with the variety of free options like Wix, Livejournal or WordPress out there today). See the things you have to include on your site here.

2. Create a hashtag for your wedding
Instagram reigns these days. So it’s not surprising that millennial couples have been creating hashtags for their wedding day so that guests can share photos on Instagram. However, remind your guests to be mindful about posting private moments, like photos of the bride in her dress before she walks the aisle. See how you can create your own unique hashtag here

Take the use of your hashtag to the next level by having your guests’ pictures printed and kept in an album for memories, or displayed in your new home. Alternatively, opt for live printing services where guests can upload their pictures on Instagram and have them printed almost immediately on small cards during the wedding.

3. Have a live Instagram feed screening
This is a fun and interactive way for guests to share photos taken at your wedding! Have a slideshow of pictures from your wedding hashtag on a big screen so guests can share their well wishes and goofy selfies with everyone!

4. Designate an “Instagrammer of Honour”
Don’t neglect your new husband (and guests for that matter) by updating your Instagram every second of your wedding day. Instead, get one of your media-savvy bridesmaids to post updates for you, so you can enjoy your wedding day and live in the moment. It is more important to celebrate it with your family members and closest friends, anyway. 

5. Live streaming for your loved ones abroad
Let’s face it, as much as they would want to, not everyone will be able to fly over for your wedding. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can now share your special day with people who can’t make it in person. Have a private live streaming, so that only people you “invite” are able to watch it. This is also very useful for destination weddings. Sites you can use are idostream, Ustream and Livestream.

6. Have a Photo Booth
We love photo booths for weddings because they are so much fun! You can even customise your backdrop to fit your theme. Plus, these days snaps can be instantly uploaded online, so guests can take a look at all the photos. We like Hello Forever and Aww Snap.

Photo: Pinterest

7. Have a Video (or .gif) Booth
Think photo booths are overused already? How about a video booth where guests can record a quick on-screen message for you? Post them on your wedding website so guests can check them out. This can end up being funny, heartwarming, and even tear-jerking. You can also ask your videographer to edit some of the best clips into your wedding video!

While having a social media’s practically the norm these days, etiquette is still a must. Here, the things you should not be doing at your wedding:

1. Don’t be on your phone all day. This may be obvious advice but we have seen newlyweds just staring at their phones.This is what your Instagrammer of honour is for. Just sit back, live in the moment, and enjoy your wedding – which only comes once in a lifetime.

2. Don’t tweet every detail of your wedding planning (especially surprises). You wouldn’t want to reveal all the tiny details to your guests even months before the wedding day! Post teasers, if you must, but it’s best to keep your friends and family guessing. 

3. Don’t get rid of your wedding photographer. While you can count on your friends and relatives to take your wedding photos, it is good to invest in a professional photographer who knows his angles and takes just the right moments – unless you’ve got a bonafide photographer in your social circle! Here are some tips on how to choose your wedding photographer

4. Don’t rely on social media to contact your guests. Some of them may not be as tech-savvy as you. Well, you don’t want your great grand aunt stressing over how to open your digital wedding invitation, do you?