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#1 Turn on the sizzle

Heat up your honeymoon nights with these sultry nightwear that’ll drive him wild – and yes, this is totally the time to be a little extra and bring a different set for every night if you want to! On his end, get your man to get new briefs to amp up the fun, too! 


#2 Set the mood

If you’ve booked a honeymoon package with a complimentary turndown service, great. If not, ask your hotel concierge if they’re able to arrange for a romantic turndown before you return to the room for the evening.

Alternatively, consider packing little personal touches like chocolates and candles, then setting up a playlist filled with soft music for a night in. 


#3 Do something adventurous/exhilarating

If both of you are up for it, indulge in an activity that gets your heart racing a little! Studies have shown that experiencing adrenaline-pumping activities help bring two people closer (plus amps up arousal and attraction for later in the bedroom). Besides, doing something out of your comfort zone also gives you a special memory to look back upon. Or if that’s too much for either of you, plan an activity that’s more toned down but still new to the both of you.


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#4 Be spontaneous

Naturally, you’ll have an itinerary and a list of must-see attractions, but there’s no need to follow it to a T.

Injecting a little unpredictability into your trip gives it more excitement – like going on a road trip or getting recommendations from other travellers and locals when you’re at your destination. Who knows, you might stumble upon something that’ll give you an unexpectedly incredible experience! 


#5 Plan downtime

You don’t want the most distinct memory of your honeymoon to be of you running from place to place. Avoid over-planning! Plan to do one (or two at the most) touristy things each day, then spend time just hanging out in a quaint cafe, or even soaking in the tub. Your honeymoon should be relaxing, not stressful!


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#6 A couples’ spa session 

And when you’re tired out from all the activities, don’t forget to book a pampering massage for two, be it at the spa or right on the beach. Alternatively, you can bring a bottle of your own massage oil and give each other massages in the hotel room… and see where it leads to! 


#7 Sneak in a surprise

While the both of you probably worked on the planning together together, a little surprise will add excitement and romance to the trip (a private dining experience or picnic under the stars, anyone?). Or you could prepare a small, meaningful gift for your sweetheart. Your spouse will really appreciate your ultra-sweet gesture, too. 


#8 Put that phone down

There’s plenty of time to have your nose buried in your phone (not that we’re encouraging it), but your honeymoon isn’t it. This is the time to enjoy and be in the moment, have fun, laugh, and create wonderful memories together. On the other hand, remember to take plenty of photos

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#9 Catch the sunset (or sunrise)

There’s something wonderfully romantic about watching the sun dip into the horizon and seeing the sky awash in a plethora of colours, especially at a unique location. It wouldn’t be too difficult if yours is a tropical resort getaway, but otherwise, do a quick search for the best places to watch the sunset in your honeymoon destination of choice. Hold hands, cuddle and share a kiss as you bask in the magic of the moment.