Photo: Her World Brides March 2016

1. Say “thank you” to everyone
This includes your fiance, family members, friends, bridal party and vendors. They will be helping you a great deal, and the tasks they undertake may take up a good chunk of their time. Saying thank you may be a small gesture, but it’s much appreciated, and goes a long way.

2. Be nice
Again, this includes people who will be working closely with you along the way. Being considerate and kind also means people are more willing to go the extra mile for you.

3. Offer meals and such
Make sure you feed those who will be on their feet the entire day trying to make your wedding a success. I’m referring to your photographer, wedding planner, and so on. It’s also nice to give a small token of appreciation to all those who helped (especially if you’re not feeding them). These include the people who’re cleaning up after you, the butler or concierge, and venue coordinator.

4. Make overseas guests feel welcome
They’ve come all this way to attend your wedding – the least you could do is to make them feel welcome and comfortable. Include them in events like the rehearsal dinner, pre- and/or post-wedding lunch or dinner, and so on. Or, offer to take them around the city, especially if it’s their first time here. Don’t make their trip a wasted one.

5. Don’t talk about the wedding all the time
There are other things happening in this world, that doesn’t revolve around your wedding. It may be tempting to discuss every single detail with everyone and anyone, but don’t. Give them, especially your fiance and helpers a break. More importantly, don’t mention the wedding to anyone who isn’t invited. It’s just rude.

6. It’s your fiance’s wedding too
It’s easy to forget that it’s his big day, and there are things he may want to have a say in, too. Don’t forget to rope him in during the planning process, and take his opinions and decisions into consideration. Of course, if he’s happy to let you take the reins, go for it. But again, don’t bend his ear with all the wedding talk too often.

7. Live with it
No matter how meticulously you’ve planned everything, some things will still go wrong – from late vendors to wet weather. This has been said so many times before, but it still bears repeating: you will be married at the end of the day, and that is really all that matters. Besides, the mishaps may still make for a good story in future!