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7 sexiest tips to get wedding or honeymoon night-ready

If you're planning to end your wedding night on an, ahem, high note, here are some saucy pointers to think about before getting hot and heavy.

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#1 Get flirting

During the wedding. Yes you read that right. While you might be busy greeting guests, get a little touchy, steal kisses and meet each other's gaze during the reception - this will build anticipation as the evening progresses.


#2 Go easy on the alcohol

Red wine's great for getting you in the mood (and literally gets your blood pumping thanks to resveratrol, a potent antioxidant. But you don't want to be sloshed and clumsy when it's time to get sexy. We're sure your spouse won't be particularly pleased, either. 


#3 Ease off the pressure

There's always the expectation of having fantastic wedding night sex - but high expectations can lead to serious disappointment. The both of you will be tired out from the festivities (or travelling, if you're on your honeymoon), after all. Don't be pressured to jump right into it either. Cosy up and cuddle, and talk about the amazing day you've had and how much you love being married to each other.


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#4 Amp up your suite

We're all for booking a hotel room if you aren't having your wedding celebration at a hotel. After all, there's that newness and excitement that comes with getting intimate in an unfamiliar space. And while you're at it, don't forget to fill your room with fragrance. You can arrange for the hotel to fill your room with scented candles, diffusers or even a bouquet of flowers (grooms, do this and it's bonus points for you!) by the bed. Oh, don't forget about a romantic playlist, too. 


#5 Slip into something sexy

And preferably something neither of you have seen on each other  before. For her, check out these alluring pieces that'll get him wild. Your groom can go for silky boxers. The key is to wear something you feel amazing in, so you don't have to go for a totally wild set if you aren't used to it - it'll show if you're uncomfortable.



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#6 Break out the aphrodisiacs

A cliche but certain foods could actually impact your sexual drive. Wine (as mentioned above) and also chocolate, for example, which contains phenylethylamine. It's a stimulant that evokes excitement and a sense of well-being. Oysters contain zinc, which increases the production of testosterone, as well as the desire-increasing brain chemical, dopamine.

Or try honey. This 'liquid gold' has boron, a trace mineral that helps regulate hormone levels, as well as nitric oxide. This helps increase blood flow during arousal. Plus, we can think of all the things you can do with honey... 


#7 Don't forget about the protection

If you're not planning on having a family just yet, don't forget about the protection. There's no mood-killer like worrying about an unplanned pregnancy just as you're getting hot and heavy.