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7 must-know tips to save on wedding flowers

Fresh flowers are undeniably expensive and can make a serious dent in your wedding budget. Here's how to cut costs without sacrificing on the aesthetics of your special occasion.

Image: @insidetheknot/Instagram

#1 Go big

Bigger blooms take up more space, which means you'll need lesser flowers to create a lush centrepiece, compared to say, tulips. To stretch your budget, consider lilies, rose, carnations and eustomas and ranunculus. 


#2 Don't write off filler flowers

Gone are the days where filler flowers, were, well... fillers. Let them take centre stage, we say. You'll be surprised at how dreamy an aisle lined with airy baby's breath or jars of sweet Williams can look dressing up your tablescape, or for your bouquet


#3 Consider your venue

Not every space needs to be dressed up with flowers, especially if your venue already has beautiful architectural details or decorations. Zoom in on the areas where you think guests will be spending most of the time, like the foyer, lounge and reception table. (See: 13 prettiest reception table decor from real weddings)


#4 Skip the peonies. And David Austin roses 

We know the temptation but if you're looking to save a pretty penny, you'll be better off trading these pricey blossoms for lookalikes that are equally beautiful. Here are 8 pretty alternatives that get our thumbs up. 

And while we're at it, don't be too insistent on having a particular bloom - give your florist references of the overall look, feel and colour palette, then let them work their magic and come up with arrangements that best suit your theme. 

#5 Go local and seasonal

Readily available, in-season blooms are likely to cost less than say, tulips from Holland. Discuss this with your florist and they'll more than happy to offer you their recommendations. Here's a handy guide to seasonal blooms


Lin Yi Jun and her bridesmaids carried fresh, crisp clutches of greenery that looked marvellous against their white outfits. Photography: Samuel Goh. Bouquets: Fleurlicious.

#6 Go green

Swap floral arrangements for leafy foliage and you could be substantially shaving the cost of your decor. But do keep in mind that some greens and other foliage can cost even more than flowers so be sure to check with your florist!

#7 Reuse bouquets and other floral decorations

It's likely that your bridesmaids' posies will be left unused after the ceremony and picture-taking, so consider reusing them for your reception in the evening. Ditto for other floral arrangments. Have vases or mason jars ready, then simply distribute the blooms for easy and pretty centrepieces for your reception or even dessert table.



And lastly... 

So this probably won't help you save money but you can help put a smile on someone else's face after your big day instead of letting all those flowers go to waste. We're talking about donating them to charities or social intiatives, like Refresh Flowers, which repurposes them and gives them away to hospice patients