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7 fun and casual ideas for a low-key wedding

When you’re all about being low-key but still want a fun and casual wedding bash – here are 7 easy things you can do!

As opposed to the de-rigueur of wedding banquets, which are often formal and structured occasions, it’s also common for couples to go with alternative celebrations that are more casual and customisable instead.

So here are some easy things you can do for some casual, low-key fun.

Image: Munching Teo & Vincent Wang took a SMRT bus to their CHIJMES wedding!


1. Selfie booth instead of photo booth

Low-maintenance and budget-friendly, some couples are choosing to have a selfie booth instead of a professional photo booth.

 Just create some props, a big enough frame and a wedding hashtag.


2. A blank backdrop instead of a decorated backdrop

Creating a backdrop usually takes a lot of preparation so why not let your guests do it for your instead and have it doubled up as a guestbook of sorts?

Here’s what you need: A blank canvas of paper of fabric, markers, paint brushes, paint or any other tool you can think of and guests who are ready to scribble and create.


Image: Cheryl Lee & Justin Kwan acted out a skit of how they met.


3. Trivia night instead of photo montage

Trivia nights are always fun and best of all, you can set any questions you’d like.

Creating a legitimate quiz might be time-consuming and if you don’t want to go down that route, you can always just change up the questions.

Make them personal and relatable and test your friends on how well they know you!


Image: Rachel Lee & Marcus Tan kept the good times rolling at their after-party.


4. Dancefloor and a DJ instead of live band performance

There’s no party like an after-party and no after-party is complete without a dancefloor.

No budget for a real DJ? There’s always Spotify, or perhaps a friend who’s been taking up DJ courses as a hobby.

Just press play on any top 40 club hits playlist and hopefully your guests will be sloshed enough by then not to notice.



5. Special cocktail mixers instead of wine

Have a special alcoholic concoction of your own? Or a cocktail that holds special meaning in your relationship? Why not share it with your guests? If it’s something you can make with your eyes closed, prepping it for your wedding wouldn’t be difficult if you’ve willing hands from your bridal party or friends.

My cousin had a special Sangria served at her wedding with her own recipe and it was so delish yet meaningful as well as I’ll always associate the taste of Sangria with the great memories from the wedding.


Image: Andie Chua and Mark Cheong played the wedding shoe game during their banquet.


6. Wedding games instead of table photos

By wedding games we mean games that don’t require too many props or things in place to execute. Popular games like the wedding shoe game don’t require anything that isn’t already at your venue.

What you do need is a fun emcee and an enthusiastic crowd and the rest of it will play itself out.


7. Pet friendly instead of non-pet friendly

Pets make everything all the more wonderful. If your venue allows it, then including pets at your wedding will automatically make it the best wedding of the year.