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1) Have your solemnisation ceremony and reception at the same place.

If you’re having your ceremony at a church, mosque or temple, pick one that has space for receptions and functions.  You can probably rent the space at a nominal rate and dress it up for your reception. This will save you money from renting another place for your reception. 

There are also quite a few restaurants and cafes which will allow you to have your solemnisation ceremony at the venue if you’re booking the place for your reception.


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2) Less tables, less decor!

Pick long tables or larger round tables that can sit more people; with less tables you will require less floral centrepieces and table decor.


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3) Buffet style

Besides being cheaper than catering a sit-down meal, you don’t really need many tables or complicated set-ups for a buffet reception.  You can make do with a few cocktail tables and more seats.



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4) Foliage & ornaments

Instead of flowers, try other cheaper options for your centrepieces – you could even use pretty ornaments like shells and paper pom poms! Create pretty centrepiece with your guest favours – stack beribboned gift boxes of macaroons! – and you can kill two birds at on go.


7 cost-cutting wedding reception ideas

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5) Non-alocholic please 

The great thing about receptions, especially if it’s a daytime affair, is that you can forgo the beer and wine. Stick to fruit punches and a few bottles of champagne for the toast (if you’re planning to have one). 


7 cost-cutting wedding reception ideas

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6) Pot-luck party

I’ve been to a few receptions where family and friends contributed their own dishes – be it dessert items like cakes or biscuit favors, to main dishes like fried noodles and salads.  If you’re having a large number of guests, cater the main dishes but let your family and friends whip up the desserts. Not only do you save, but its also a nice personal touch to your celebrations.


7 cost-cutting wedding reception ideas

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7) DIY decor

Most daytime receptions are casual affairs so you can have your pals and family chip in with the decor.  Have a plan and get them to DIY as much stuff as they can – from the floral centrepieces to the floral arch and streamers for the venue.