Photography: Winston Chuang. Styling: Vernon Sim. Styling Assistant: Christine Lim. Hair: Eileen Koh/HP 9386-8930. Makeup: TG Goh/HP 9616-2775. Models: Alesya B & Irina CH/Mannequin. Gown: Silhouette the Atelier. Headpiece: Gioielli. Photo: Her World Brides June 2016

We’ve all heard how brides-to-be can bust their budgets and go on a no-holds-barred spending spree when it comes to the wedding of their dreams. If you can afford it, go for it! But realize that there will consequences to your actions.
The problem with spending freely is that soon enough, it cultivates an attitude that to spend on things you like, desire or lust after, is fine. We’ve all been there!
It’s easier for brides-to-be to “justify” their big spending ways because they are spending to have the perfect wedding and celebration after all. Its very easy to rationalize purchasing that stunning couture dress that costs five figures if you see it as the only dress that would make you the dream bride you’ve always wanted to be.
The problem with all this of course is that you’re quite likely to bust you wedding budget, bank account and credit card! With you find out after you’re wallowing in debt after the wedding the future doesn’t look very rosy. Not a good way to start off married life.
So here are six simple ways to avoid being a Spendzilla!
Stick to your budget list
Create a realistic budget with every item listed clearly. Have a misc column for unexpected additional costs that may arise during the wedding prep. Stick to the list as closely as you can. If you really need to get that dress that costs more than what you budgeted for, be prepared to budget less for other items to make up the difference.
Edit your lists
Brides-to-be will always have tons of ideas and references for their perfect wedding – thanks to Pinterest, magazines and other online sources. But can your budget accommodate all the items you want?
You need to edit your reference materials and stick to the items you simply must have. Then work a budget around these essentials and stick to it.  A clear edited list will not only save you money, it will make your wedding prep a smooth experience.
Be very disciplined
Can’t control yourself or your spending habits? Get someone to help you. If you’re on the verge of busting your budget with a big buy, remind yourself of the consequences: will you be in debt after the purchase? Will you feel guilty about it? Is there something more worthwhile you can do with your money? 
If that’s not enough to control your spending instincts, call your friend/partner and ask their opinion about it; they would be able to give you a reality check and hopefully help you control yourself.
Time off
I have this rule when I feel the urge to spend on something pricey: if I can’t get the item out of my head after 2-3 days, then its something I need to get. In most cases I find that after some time, the urge to buy the item diminishes and then it becomes more of an “echo” than a need. Most people justify buying the item immediately (especially during a sale) as they fear the item may not be there few days later if they decide to get it. If it really is sold out then perhaps the item is not meant to be yours!
Be patient
In this tough economic and retail environment, it pays to be patient.  It’s very possible that the item you love (but can’t afford) may just go on sale after a few weeks (at a price you can afford!). So be patient. If the item is sold out by the time it’s the sales period rolls by then so be it.  It not meant to be yours!
Avoid temptation
It’s hard to resist when you have very persuasive vendors who try to upsell you packages and items that promise the heavens! Be resolute.
If you’ve set aside a certain sum for a particular item, stick to it. Avoid upgrades and upsizing – unless they’re free! If the vendors can’t promise you a beautiful setting or delicious menu without the upgrade, then it’s time to try another more affordable vendor.