If you’re a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid planning for a hen’s party or staycation, Airbnb offers some pretty attractive places to hold them at.

Hotel rooms might be too small, and perhaps taking a vacation isn’t ideal for everyone. Sure, you can hit the clubs, but why not get a proper place you can spend quality time together at for the day and feel right at home? 

You can start your search by looking through this list we’ve curated for you! 


1. This colonial loft 

Step through the opulent lobby and be lulled into a sense of calm with the earthy tones of this colonial loft that’s housed in a heritage shophouse in the up and coming area of Jalan Besar, where trendy cafes and bars line the streets.

The place is tastefully designed, with designer furniture and green foliage at every corner. Imagine the fun photos you can take with your bridal party, they’ll definitely make for amusing and precious memories. 

Book here at $120 a night. 


2. This award-winning designer home with rooftop access

This 1920’s restored shophouse has been featured in international media, such as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, for marrying amazing architecture with well-preserved heritage. 

In our humble books, any home with its own rooftop sounds like a dream. Enjoy your evening drinks under the stars before heading out for the night! 

Book here at $176 a night.


3. This modern, airy loft with a sky pool

This modern loft is equal parts cosy and design-centric. Plus (and it’s a huge plus), it has a sky pool you can lounge at if you don’t want to stay indoors.

It is however, pretty limited in space and we won’t recommend having a huge gathering here. 

Book here at $199 a night. 


4. This luxurious bell tent for that glamping experience

This glamping provider rents out adorable, homey bell tents fitted with the trimmings you’d expect of a luxurious hotel, including a double bed with premium linen – and even a complimentary mini-bar!

Approved campsites include East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park and West Coast Park. 

Book here at $151 a night. 

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5. This luxurious yacht for ocean breeze and onboard champagne

Who said only homes were for rent on Airbnb? This yacht can host up to 16 guests; inside, enjoy the 360 degree views of the ocean and onboard dining.

This calls for a party, we say.

Book here at $1,301 a night. 

6. This ultimate party house 

Go back to the basics of partying with this rental! If your idea of fun is a booming karaoke system, a pool table, video games, a foosball table, a rooftop infinity pool and BBQ pit, then this house that can host up to 16 guests is for you.

There’s a bed too, but does it really matter when you’d be up all night? 

Book here at $580 a night. 


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This story was first published in The Finder