Photo: Pinterest

1. Pinata 

A pinata adds joy to any party! Have one designed and constructed to complement your wedding theme, and fill it with small favours for your guests like lottery tickets, glow sticks, party poppers and mini plastic liquor bottles. 

2. Giant jenga 

Supersize the fun at your wedding by playing jenga – with giant blocks. Be sure to keep children away from the play area though – as tumbling blocks can cause serious injuries! For rules of the game, click here

3. Bouncy house

Unleash your inner child with bouncy castles or houses. Have it big enough so that anyone – from kids to the elderly – can play. Don’t forget to change out of your fancy dress or suit before you head in, though, unless you don’t mind tears!

4. Burlap Sack Races 

Watching your groomsmen race to the finish line in giant sacks would be a lot of fun! You can even have individual races, relay races and team races! 

5. Drinking games 

What’s a party without some classic drinking games? However, this may be more appropriate for your after party activities! You can pair the girls vs guys, bridesmaids vs groomsmen or husbands vs wives, and so on

6. He said she said games 

Each table will receive a piece of paper to write their questions for the bride and groom. The host will ask the questions and guests will circle whoever they think has the best answer – the bride or groom 
– What did you think after your first date?
– When did you know you loved him/her? 
– What was the best date you ever had?