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Birds of different feathers…
“We’ve had brides trying to buy different dresses for their bridesmaids from different online stores, hoping to achieve the mix-and-match look while thinking that the dresses will come in the same shade. Truth is, different stores tend to have different suppliers and the images they show often do not make an accurate representation of the colour. As a result, we often have to be called in to help return or re-sell the wrong dresses and purchase the remaining dresses required.” – Vivian Ngiam, Chere Weddings and Parties

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Think macro, not micro
“Close-up shots of wedding decorations usually give the illusion of a full and lush set-up. But the reality is, these set-ups may appear small and insignificant for a specific area. So when you’re deciding on your wedding decor, think about the venue and decorations as a whole. This will then give you a clearer idea of the overall set-up and look.” – Regina Ng, Spellbound Weddings

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DIY takes time
“We find that couples tend to underestimate the amount of work that goes into the different parts of a wedding, and think that they can DIY most things. What they don’t see is that there are a lot of things involved, such as the logistics like delivery, getting the schedule right and equipment that’s needed for set-up and tear down. In the end, going the DIY route doesn’t save that much money, and adds more work to the couple, especially if they’ve got full time jobs.

“To add, having your wedding party doing the setup may help you save costs, but they’re not professionals. We’ve seen several instances where bridesmaids and groomsmen go missing in action, and the planners, together with the vendors, will have to scramble to help with the last-minute work.” – Vivian

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Time it well
“Always factor extra time for slight delays when planning your wedding itinerary. Unforeseen circumstances such as traffic jams and wet weather are common factors of falling behind schedule. Make good use of Google maps to plan traffic routes, as well as using the One Motoring traffic information to check the situation on the roads. This will give you a good sense of the time taken for each journey.” – Regina

Too many cooks spoil the broth
“During the wedding dress shopping experience, it can get ineffective when the bride brings too many people with her, or allow too many people to have an opinion about their dress. As such, that particular bride ends up not buying a dress on that day, or she decides on a dress which doesn’t truly reflect her preferences.

“If you’re looking to get your bridesmaids and family members to help, they can chip in in other ways like mailing the invites, or packing favours and so on.” – Vivian

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Learning to let go
“Our advice to couples who tend to or might micro-manage their vendors? It’s a behaviour that affects both ways. Your vendors may get frustrated with you checking in on them every so often, which limits and affects the way they do their work. At the same time, you may lose trust thinking that your vendor is falling short when it comes to your expectations. 

“Getting stressed over the little details can get exhausting and take away the joy in planning a wedding. To make the process as enjoyable as possible, try to let go a little and trust that your vendors and helpers are aiming to create a beautiful wedding for you as much as you want them to. So relax and enjoy the process!” – Vivian

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