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Weddings in Singapore are chock-full of possibilities – from outdoor weddings thanks to our tropical climate, our proximity to the sea also makes beach weddings an easy one to plan for, too. And, as fans of breezy beach weddings, we couldn’t help but pull together our favourite ideas.

Colour theme
The combination of blue, beige, white and the occasional peach or coral accents work beautifully well together – whether for an indoor or outdoor wedding.

Ocean-inspired decor
When you’re having a beach wedding, you’re allowed to include every cliche or ocean-inspired reference there is. This starfish-lined aisle sets the mood for both you and your guests while you’re waiting to make your walk for the last time as a “Miss”.

PHOTO: Elisa & Erwan’s wedding

Sunset ceremonies
If you’ve seen enough cliff-top and resort real weddings on our site, you’ll know that we’re big fans of sunset ceremonies. The fiery orange and cool blue hues in the setting sky coupled with the soundtrack of rolling waves ranks as one of the top beach wedding experiences in our book.

Dainty footwear
The possibilities for your footwear are endless here. You can choose to wear regular heels (we won’t recommend it unless you’re adamant), sandals, go barefoot, or have these lovely crystal barefoot sandals.

Cool favours
Beach slippers, sunglasses, parasols or wooden fans are just some of the things your guests will love and appreciate. Plus, they look great in photos, too.

Fun photo opps
Consider these angles for the album: Pen your “thank yous” in the sand, have your rings placed with mini parasols, or set up signs for guests on wood for that rustic touch.