Lace, organza and tulle gown with cathedral train, from Rico-A-Mona. Photo: Her World Brides December 2015

The wedding dress
Unless you’re really adept at making your own dress, and are content with a simple design, leave the dressmaking to the designers. First, you won’t have the time to make your own (unless you’re planning your wedding full time, and are starting way ahead). Second, it may be hard procuring enough fabric to create your dream design. 

Jessline, one of the designers from Rico-A-Mona Bridal says, “Even if you’re a keen dressmaker, it’s best to leave this one up to the professionals. Choose a gown you love that flatters your best features, just don’t get busy with the sewing machine yourself! Besides, if you go to a bridal boutique, you can try on several styles until you find one that suits you best, and then have it made to fit you perfectly. Lastly, you’re going to be very busy in the lead up to your wedding, and you don’t need the added stress of making your own.”

The right makeup artist will give you a look that suits the occasion, looks great for the photos, but more importantly, have you look like a better version of yourself, instead of completely changing your look and style. Hair & makeup: Khai/HP 9675-9639. Photo: Her World Brides December 2013

Hair and makeup
If you’re opting for a glammed-up look that involves updos or curls, it may be better to hire a stylist to do the job for you. He or she would know better on what works and what doesn’t for your tresses, as well as come up with a style that’ll last throughout your events. 

Same with makeup. It’s fine if you want to do your own makeup, but if you’re hoping to look great for the album, approach the pros. Again, with their years of experience, and working with the cameras, they’d know better on what to put and what not to add, for you to look good in front of the lens.

“A professional makeup artist will take note of the lighting, flash photography, venue, duration of the event, as well as other factors into consideration when doing your makeup. And this can only be achieved through years of experience,” says Khai Lee.

Fondant covered iced lemon zest, raspberry and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and edible sprinkles, $670, from SUSUCRE. Photo: Her World Brides September 2015.

The wedding cake
While we’re all for DIY-ing your dessert table, the wedding cake is another story. Even if you’re an avid baker, creating a tiered cake, as well as coming up with the design may be more than you can handle. 

“A wedding cake has to look and taste great, and making it look beautiful and flawless is harder than you would think. Other things to take note: 

“The structure is very important, as nothing could be worse than the cake collapsing during the cake cutting ceremony or while it is displayed. The weather in Singapore is especially cruel and will melt any type of cream, filling and decorations if not cooled, transported and handled properly. In the worst case, the cake might lose its shape or even spoil. 

“Making a wedding cake takes a lot of time and also needs to be made fresh the days before the wedding. Even as professionals, we spent days on decorations for our cakes and then bake and fill them just before to wedding to ensure it’s freshly-made,” says Annina from Susucre.

Soft, romantic shots like these can only be achieved with the right equipment and lighting. Photo: Cindy & Gearoid’s wedding, shot by Feldberyl Images.

Photography & videography
Your wedding album (and video, should you decide to go for one) will be one of the tangible memories from your big day, which is why we strongly recommend hiring a good photographer and/or videographer for the occasion. 

He/she would know how a wedding works, how to work in terms of lighting and interesting angles, where to place him or herself during the proceedings, the things to take (even if you have to hand him/her a list), details shots (especially for projects you’ve worked so hard on), and so on. 

You can also try these projects to DIY:
. The dessert table
. The wedding bouquet
. Your photo backdrop
. Entertainment
. Stationery, flowers, decorations
. Table settings, stage decor, favours and other miscellaneous things