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1. Let him carry you over the threshold!
There’s nothing more romantic than starting your marriage with this gallant tradition. The act, which stemmed from Roman times, is said to bring good luck to the couple, but we think it’s fun, and gets you in the mood, too.

2. Flaunt your goods
Leave the grandma underwear at home, and break out the lacy intimates for your husband’s eyes only.

3. Read up!
All great experiences take research, and this is no exception. If it’s your first time doing the deed, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible, instead of fumbling under the sheets.

4. Don’t forget to eat
When you’ve not had anything to eat for hours, you may end up cranky, or hangry (a portmanteau of the words hungry and angry). Eat foods like strawberries, dark chocolate, watermelons, figs, oysters and other seafood (which the hotel or venue should have) for a great session, and avoid well-known anti-aphrodisiacs like peppermint, hot dogs, french fries and so on.

5. Relax!
Whatever it is, don’t stress, and don’t rush into anything if you’re not ready. If you’re too tired, or busy settling things with your vendors or family members, doing the deed the day after when you’re feeling better, works, too!