Photo: Her World Brides December 2014

They’re as pretty
With websites like or, your invitations can look as pretty online now!

They’ll save you money
Even if hotels offer complimentary invitation cards to go with your package, printing costs, too. If you’re opting for third-party vendors, charges can range from $2 a card and upwards.

They’ll save you time
Check if your website or e-invitation service offers online RSVPs as well, which is also a great option for guests to respond in a timely fashion.

It’s eco-friendly
If you’re considering having a green wedding, an e-invitation will minimise your paper trail.

It can be interactive
If you’d like to share additional photos from your wedding album, or a fun video or animation you took for the wedding, sharing them via your e-invite’s also a great idea.

Things to look out for

1. Sending your invites via e-mail may make your wedding seem less formal. So if you’re thinking of having a black-tie dinner or ballroom affair, you may want to think twice.

2. Consider people who don’t use the internet. I’m referring to mainly your grandparents and elderly relatives who may not have access to a computer. In this case, cards and physical RSVPs would be better.

3. Offer options. I’ve been to weddings where the couple offered their guests the option of receiving physical or e- invitations. This way you can minimise cost, but please guests at the same time.

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