I guess one could say our love began on the shores of the Adriatic Sea in a small town in Montenegro. This is special to us because that is the exact place each of our parents fell in love and eventually married. We’re a couple that likes to travel. After visiting Dubai, Amsterdam, and Paris this summer we decided to return to Paris to revisit some of the places we had the pleasure of seeing our first time there. We always wake up early to take pictures because we find that the early morning time is the best time if you want to beat the crowd. We dressed up a little (Nothing unusual since we do this occasionally) and walked towards the Eiffel Tower. After taking a few pictures of each other, Eddy asked me if I wanted a picture of us two and I said yes. So he asked the closest lady to us if she could take a picture of us. She took my phone and captured one picture of us and then Eddy looked at me and in the way he said my name I knew what was about to happen. He got down on one knee and honestly to this day neither of us can remember what was said. After we finished crying and hugging, I looked back to get my phone and I saw the woman no longer had my phone in her hand and instead had her professional camera out with her! Eddy had planned this all way before! He prearranged this photographer from Chicago and sent her a photo of us so she would be able to recognize us. He specifically picked the spot in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower called Trocadero after a club in Montenegro where we first went out together! He put much thought and detail and after processing it all, naturally….I started to cry (happy tears) again.

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While we think proposals should be kept simple and sincere, check out these creative and adorable ideas to inspire your own! From flipbooks to fuzzy ring bearers, these ones caught our attention:

1. The flipbook
Take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the best moments you’ve shared with this adorable flipbook that illustrates all the highlights in your relationship. The best part: You don’t have to do this on your own if you’re not much of an artist. We found flipbook artist Ben Zurawski of The Flippist (www.theflippist.com), who does custom hand-drawn animated flipbooks here, and were sold on the idea instantly. The book doubles as a ring-holder, where the ring is nestled at the back, within a few cut-out pages.

Puppy proposal

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2. Ask Fido to help
If he or she has a beloved pooch, cat, or other pet, enlist its help to score brownie points with your woman (or man). The idea is similar to how you’d have your pet as ring bearer during the wedding: tie the ringbox around his/her pet’s neck, or a sign that reads: “Will you marry me?”

3. Fake newspaper or magazine page
Real bride-to-be Sandy Wong received the surprise of her life when boyfriend-turned-fiance Lester Chee worked with now-defunct Cosmopolitan Singapore to help pop the question. The idea is simple: If you’re unable to reach the editorial team of your girlfriend or boyfriend’s favourite newspaper or magazine, see if you can ask your friends to help out in the creative department to create a fake page that looks exactly like the real thing. The message or article you wanna convey is of course, to ask her (or him) to marry you.

4. In a photo booth
Take a leaf out of this adorable boyfriend’s book: capture her expression of surprise via a photo booth!

5. In her/his mug
Instead of the ring in champagne thing, leave the ring out of your cup or mug, and have the words “Marry me?” etched or inked permanently onto the base, so she’ll see it first thing after her draining her morning coffee.