Photo: Park Shin Hye, from

Au naturel
“Natural beauty has always been a trend with Korean women. One of the more recent and more popular ones, is having dewy skin, which makes brides’ complexions brighter and healthier. This will also help their skin look moisturised and accentuate the colours of their makeup.

Customised packages
In Korea, brides-to-be will usually have their makeup done at beauty salons where they’ll have packages specially tailored to their needs.

A good base is important
Korean makeup is all about laying strong foundation. The dewy effect mentioned earlier, is one of the hottest foundation techniques used in the past two years. This makeup gives you a very natural look with its light foundation, keeping your features accentuated and skin vibrant.

No bright colours
Korean brides don’t fancy exaggerated colours for the eyes either. They will only use more colours to keep facial features properly highlighted.

Bold brows
Interestingly, the iconic straight & thick eye brows shape is still in trend as it helps to balance and make the brides’ faces look more symmetrical.

Cho Won-Kyung is the Korean Celebrity Makeup Artist at ZTAGEWedding. She has helped do the makeup and styling for actors and actresses such as Jo Jung-Suk, Jang Dong-Min, as well as Park Shin Hye.