For a flawless and natural finish for your bridal makeup look, here are some tips you can follow through! 


1. Keep your skin hydrated

When it comes to getting that flawless finish and being able to even out your skin tone more easily, keeping your skin hydrated is key. 

Apply an overnight mask and you’ll wake up with happy and plumped up skin.


2. Use different types of primer on different parts of your face

If you’ve got combination skin, it’s likely that certain parts of your face are oiler or drier than the rest. 

To get more even coverage and to keep your skin looking flawless, use different types of primer on different parts of your face.


3. Thin out foundation with moisturizer

If your foundation tends to be a little more matt and drying on your skin, you can easily make it more hydrating by adding some of your moisturiser into the mix.

Alternatively, just add a little foundation to your moisturizer so it becomes more like a tinted moisturiser for that slight glow. 


4. Apply with fingers, blend with tools

Applying with your fingers helps to warm up the foundation and prep it to melt into your skin better. Afterwards, blend it in with a BeautyBlender or a brush. 


5. Skip loose powder once you’re out

Once you’ve dusted your face with loose powder after applying all your makeup, use blotting paper to blot the oil out from your skin – instead of using a pressed or loose powder again. 


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