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1. Know what you’re going to wear
Just like there are different types of dresses for you to choose from, there are also a variety of lingerie or undergarments to work with.

For instance, if your dress is a mermaid, illusion, or a fitted design, you’ll want to consider something seamless. Showing off your assets with a plunging neckline? There are special undergarments like the U Plunge Bra, or Nubra, that’ll help support your girls. The Nubra or Hollywood tape will also work well for backless dresses, too.

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2. Have a set ready during your bridal appointment
If you have a rough idea as to what wedding dress you’ll be wearing, it’s best to bring it to your first bridal appointment, when you’re trying on dresses. Even if you’re not sure what styles will look good on you, try to have your undergarments ready during the first fitting at least, so your seamstress can make the necessary adjustments.

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3. Prepare two sets: one for the day, and one for night
Nude, plain, and/or seamless underwear’s more versatile when it comes to your white gown. Save the sexy lingerie for your reception dress, where it’ll be less obvious (and something your husband can look forward to if he’s helping you out of it after the wedding).

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4. Make sure it fits
There’s nothing more unflattering than a bra that shows through your dress, and one that doesn’t show your girls off well. Plus, it shows if you’re wearing a bra that’s too tight or too loose – you don’t want to keep adjusting it throughout the reception!

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5. Consider shapewear if necessary
If you’re wearing a dress that leaves almost nothing to the imagination, shapewear’s your best friend. It helps highlight certain parts, and hide others that are less flattering. And the options are endless here – from nude coloured shorts, to padded underwear, and full slips, if you’re worried about lines.