Photo: Pinterest

1. Determine your wedding theme
If you haven’t already chosen your theme or colour palette, it’s time to start! Your logo should tie in with the overall look and feel of your celebrations. Even if it’s just a combination of your initials, you and your guests should still be able to see how it relates to your celebrations.

2. Choose a font
With the variety of free fonts on the Internet or on laptop today, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

3. Determine your colour
Again, this depends on the message you want to convey. Having a pretty, pastel celebration? A powder blue or rose pink logo will probably fit in with most of the colours at the party. A glamorous and opulent affair on the other hand, calls for something more luxe, such as gold and silver.

4. Choose what you want to have on it
Whether it’s an animal, sign, or your joint initials, make your decision carefully! Your choice will appear on all your wedding stationery, towels (if you’re feeling particularly fancy), homeware, and in your wedding album.

This also means you’ll have to make decisions such as: having your full names or your initials on it, including embellishments, and so on. Do remember though: the best logos are the ones that can be easily read and understood.

5. Size issues
When designing your logo, don’t forget to save it in a larger format – regardless of where you want to use it. Even if it’s just for your invitations or wedding website, you may want to use it as a backdrop for your living room one day. It’s easier to make an image smaller instead of vice versa.