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1. Go for counselling once in a while

According to this study, you’ll only feel happiest during your first and third year of marriage, and things, unfortunately, might go downhill from there. That’s not to say that you are bound for failure after, but it might help if you went for counselling sessions regularly together.

Going for counselling does not signify a failure in your marriage. Instead, these sessions will help you potentially understand yourselves better, reconnect, communicate better, and so on.

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2. Work at your marriage every day

It’s easy to take one another for granted after you’ve said your “I Dos”, but marriage is a constant work in progress. Little things like saying “I love you” every day, kissing each other goodnight before going to bed and so on will help maintain the romance in your relationship.

3. Keep your expectations low

If you thought your spouse might change some of the habits you’re not particularly fond of after marriage, you need to think again. Having expectations he or she cannot fulfil may strain your marriage over time. If your expectations or requests aren’t too much, try talking to him or her and tell your spouse what’s bothering you.

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4. Never stop getting intimate

Sex is a great way to increase or boost endorphins, which makes you feel warm, fuzzy and loved. See here to see how often a happy couple should be having sex.

5. Don’t let outsiders ruin your relationship

Just like shopping for your wedding dress, too many opinions about your spouse might leave you feeling confused. Whether it’s out of goodwill or not, you are the one who knows your partner best, and can judge for yourself whether he or she is the right one for you or not.