1. Use Light Colours

Are you one of those who often wear black clothes? We all know that dark colours give the illusion of a smaller body, and the same goes for the interior of your house. While using dark colours can give your place a touch of lux or cosiness, using white or light colors will brighten up the place and give the illusion of space.

2. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Make use of mirrors or reflective services such as glass to make your home space look bigger. Place full-length mirrors opposite windows or a light source to “double the size” of your room magically!

3. Customised Built-In Furniture

Have you seen one of those built in TV shelves that occupy the entire wall of the living room? Yes, we are talking about that. With customised furniture, not only do you get to choose the style and colour you want, it saves tonnes of space and gives you lots of storage area. The same goes for the wardrobe in your bedrooms and your kitchen counters.

4. Get Rid Of Clutter

Nobody likes clutter and it only serves to break up the space in your room. Get rid of it by not having stray items lying around; we are not just talking about decluttering your makeup, magazines, books and cushions, but also small furniture items such as stools, dustbins or even computer wires.

If they need to stay in the room, push them towards the wall to create the illusion of a full space in the middle. Another alternative is to hide your stray items inside multi-purpose furniture such as beds that come with storage.

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5. Maintaining Open Spaces

For a more modern look that creates more flow and space, go for an open concept between rooms. For instance, you can merge your dining and living area into one without having any extra partition. The same goes for your kitchen walls. While some people might be concerned with the smell from the kitchen, one way to reach a compromise is to have a sliding door or a glass wall instead.

Written by Lynette Tan for Get.com, a financial guide for Singaporeans.