Photo: Izo Photography

1. Pick the right time
Everyone knows there are two golden periods for soft, glowy, romantic outdoor shoots – the period just after sunrise, and before sunset. But not many are aware that photos taken anytime after 9.30am and before 5pm will cast upon a harsh light, as well as dark shadows you don’t want.

2. Be prepared to shoot the entire day
Apart from taking leave from work (that is, if you’re holding a full time job, and your shoot’s happening on a weekday), prepare essentials like bottles of water, food (if you’re shooting at an inconvenient location), and so on. See the other essentials to tote around for your shoot – whether in Singapore or overseas. See also what time you may potentially have to get up, if you’re having an outdoor shoot overseas!

3. Know the weather
While it’s tough to get a 100 per cent accurate forecast, it helps to know your seasons. For instance, while you may get scattered showers occasionally in Singapore, there are two monsoon seasons – from December to March, and June to September.

4. Wear the right outfits
There’s no fixed rule that you aren’t allowed to wear heavy, elaborate wedding dresses and suits while shooting in Singapore’s heat. But you’ll have to be prepared for it. Also, if you’re expecting to move around a lot (whether in between locations, or activities like climbing trees), it’s probably better if you wore something that’s easy to move in. See other things to note for outdoor shoots, such as flowers and so on.

5. Have an assistant, or makeup artist/hair stylist with you
They will help keep you cool, and hold your things for you during the shoot. It’s also better to have a makeup artist and hair stylist on hand if possible. They will help ensure your makeup and hair aren’t wilted, and look fresh and camera-worthy. If you’re doing your own makeup, see the best lightweight foundations and bb creams to try, face mists to keep your makeup cool and refreshed, and primers to keep it lasting the whole day.

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