1. The magnificent chandelier
Definitely one of the highlights of the space, the chandeliers (comprising a total of a whopping 386,000 crystals!), will leave you and guests bedazzled the minute you walk into the venue. The majestic piece makes a magnificent centrepiece on its own, and you won’t need that many additions to dress up your already sparkling ballroom.

2. The fairytale-like stairway
While most brides dream of making a grand entrance with their new husbands, this ballroom will make it a reality with its layout. The best part? You won’t have to worry about tripping over your gown (or at least, you don’t have to worry for long), since it’s a short walk from the doors, down to the ballroom. Consider your fairytale dreams granted!

3. An expansive space and an inviting colour scheme
The pillar-free layout offers flexibility in terms of table arrangements, or any forms of programmes, as you won’t have to worry about your guests not being able to see you.

Also, glittering glamorous spaces may seem cold and aloof, but the ballroom’s varying shades of ivory, brown and cream exudes a warm, welcoming feel. Grand ballrooms don’t need to be intimidating. We also like that the hues complements several colour palettes, should you wish to include your favourite shades.

4. Extensive and reasonably-priced wedding packages
Packages include a mouthwatering array of options (The Fullerton Hotel offers a Chinese, buffet, or Western menu), romantic flower decorations for the aisle and centrepieces, a unique guestbook (in the form of a wishing tree for guests to pen their wishes), a night’s stay in the luxurious Palladian Suite, and more. Lunch packages start from $1,188 per table or  $118.80 per person, and dinner packages, from $688 per table.

5. An impressive sound system
Having a good sound system is a must. You want yourselves and your emcee to be clearly heard over the hubbub of guests’ conversations. Plus, fuzzy sounds and microphone feedback are, quite literally, a buzzkill. And, with the system’s karaoke capabilities, you might want to consider holding your after-party here, too.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is located at 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178. For more details and information on its wedding packages, go to www.fullertonhotels.com.