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Be Creative!
Your honeymoon is the perfect time to try something new when you get intimate physically! If you’re planning to go to a beach resort for your honeymoon, take full advantage of the facilities and location to have sex like you’ve never done before – sex on a deserted beach anyone? So take some time to discuss your plans before the honeymoon and get creative!

Be Intimate!
Your honeymoon shouldn’t be all about sex; it should be a romantic and intimate experience where sex is jus one of the many satisfying conclusions! Sometimes being intimate and cuddling can be a very sensual experience as well – and just as satisfying as sex.

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Be Prepared!
Don’t just depend on a fab resort to get the stage right for your big night. Get the mood right with some preparations of your own, like bringing his favourite sex song list, aromatic candles and of course, the lingerie that turns him on the most. And don’t forget the massage oils, lubes and fun toys too!

Be Focused!
As much as you like to try new and adventurous stuff on your honeymoon night, sometimes it’s best to focus on the things that get him high and turned on. If you know that certain actions, words or techniques are a sure bet to getting him all hot and bothered, keep them in mid in case your ‘new’ and adventurous experiments fizzle out.

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Be Relaxed!
Before you even slip in between the silky sheets, it’s best that both of you are in the mood for some hot and romantic action first. Having sex while you’re bothered or tense is not going to be a pleasurable experience. So take time to relax and enjoy your time together during the honeymoon and get physical only when the moment feels right. It’s always best to be relaxed and have romantic sex on your honeymoon.