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Your parents’ friends
They may have watched you grow up, or you might’ve met them once or twice. Thing is, you can’t remember them, and can’t remember why you’ve got to have them at your wedding, too. But your wedding is as much a celebration for your parents, as it is yours. Having their friends over – whether they’re footing the bill or not – is a courtesy you should extend to them.

If you’re looking to keep the guest list small, limit the number of invitations to a few people only (i.e. a table, two, or maybe three). (See also: sweet ways to honour your parents at your wedding.)

Your boss and team
We mentioned previously, that your colleagues don’t automatically get an invite to your wedding just because they’re on your team. But it still is good form to extend one, especially if you’ve got a small team. Also, it’s inevitable that wedding planning discussions may creep into your daily conversations, and it’s never a good idea to talk about a party in front of people who’re not invited to it. 

If you’re uncomfortable with putting them near relatives and old friends who may spill a little too much about you, invite their partners, and put them in one table, or seat them at the same table with your partner’s colleagues.

Relatives you haven’t spoken to in ages
Family’s family, and not inviting one or two relatives may pose awkward questions at the next reunion (or for your parents who may have to explain why he or she wasn’t invited). 

Your husband-to-be’s annoying friend
If your partner’s Mr Nice Guy and includes everyone in his friend circle, there’s bound to be that one friend who has stepped on your toes on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, you can’t get out of inviting him, unless you want to start your marriage off with a rift between your new husband and his friend.

Your bridesmaid’s new boyfriend, or groomsman’s new girlfriend
You may not know them very well, but you will in time, if the relationship’s serious. Plus it’s always nice to extend plus ones to your wedding party, who have helped you out immensely throughout the wedding. 

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