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Plan in advance!
Feng Shui will help decide (preferably a year in advance) which month and day is best for your wedding.

Picking the right dates
The Feng Shui practitioner will ensure the wedding date does not clash with the birth dates of the the bride and groom’s parents.

Good fortune
Feng Shui can also determine a date that may boost the money luck and career from both couples

Pre-wedding prep
A week before the wedding, the Feng Shui practitioner can help determine an auspicious date and time for giving the dowry,  and setting the marital bed.

If you’re planning two celebrations or separate events…
Feng Shui can help you determine auspicious dates that wont’t clash with the birth dates of the parents of the bride and groom. 

Wilfred uses the Feng Shui system established by the Chinese Imperial Palace in both the Qing and Ming dynasties – “The Imperial Complete Books of the Four Repositories”, “The Complete Collection of the “Imperial Encyclopedia” and “The Yongle Encyclopedia”. These more methodical systems were considered “official” in those times. For appointments and personal consultations, e-mail:

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