Photo: A toned arm will look flattering with both sleeveless and sleeved wedding gowns, source: weddedwonderland/Instagram


Arm fats are hard to deal with but if you want to minimize arm flab and look defined and toned in the dress of your dreams, it’s time to put them to work. 

Here are 5 arm workouts you can do at home, in front of your distraction of choice (k-drama, netflix etc) from the burning pain under 20 minutes flat. 

Unfortunately and realistically, you’ll need to do them daily for any significant change as with all things. You should also challenge yourself to increase the number of repetitions and weight.


1. Tricep dips 

Tricep dips are easy and don’t require much equipment. Even if you don’t have a bench, you can always do them on the ground. And the it will give the back of your arms a beautiful, defined curve. 

Grab a bench and with your back to it and your hands on the seat, lower yourself to just above the ground. Keep your elbows and knees bent and bum near to the chair. 

Additional notes:

Doing them after other arm workouts gives an espcially good burn.

Make sure to keep your elbows close to your sides and not point them outwards.

Losing your form means losing any effectiveness of an exercise. 


2. Lateral shoulder raise

Here’s how to get rid of that dreaded armpit muffin top! 

Start by holding some weight in your hands with your arms down by your hips. Now, keep your arms straight and raise them up until they are parallel to your shoulders and slowly bring them back down.

Additional notes:

Pick a weight that you’re comfortable with (but not too light either!), somewhere between 2 to 4kg will be good. 

Attempting with something too heavy will contribute to only a half complete execution of the exercise and you won’t be able to get full mileage out of it. 

Use your core strength to hold a stable position throughout. 

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3. Shoulder presses  

The shoulder press targets your shoulders, biceps, and triceps – three exercises in one!

Grab two water bottles or dumbbells for weight, and stand with your feet hip width apart.

Bend your elbows and raise your arms until your elbows are at shoulder level with your palms facing outward.

Push up until your weights touch, and then back down. 


4. Pilates boxing


Pilates boxing is a fun way to tone your arms!

Stand with feet a hips-width apart, bend your knees and hinge forward from your waist, maintaining a neutral spine.

Raise fists to your shoulders and, keeping elbows up, box your right hand forward, clenching your abs. Bring hands to center and switch. Box on each side 20 times.


5. Planks

Holding yourself in plank position will engage every muscle in your shoulder and arms. 

Plant your hands directly under your shoulders, ground your toes, and keep your navel tucked in and hips level. Hold for one minute, rest, and repeat. 

Ensure that you are parallel to the ground in a straight line.

Take note to not lift or dip your butt and keep it aligned to your back. 

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