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While wedding planning can become a one-sided affair for brides what with tasks like picking out the flowers, colours, the dress… details a groom can mostly overlook, it is, after all, his big day too. While it doesn’t help that the stereotypical groom is one who simply sits back, foots the bill, and lets his bride make the decisions, here are ways to ensure he plays a part in making your wedding his, too.

1. Let him pick his own outfit as well as his groomsmen’s
This one’s rather obvious, especially if your groom has a great sense of style and needs no help in that department. And there’s no one else should be intimately familiar with his style, look, and fit, as well as choosing a suit that looks best on himself. If you both are looking to add matching accents to your outfits, discuss it beforehand, or shop for it together if you must, but the final say should be his.

Similarly, he should also know his friends’ preferences when it comes to suits, as well as gifts. So unless he asks you for help, leave him to sort things out on his own.

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2. Budget control
The upside about the internet and Pinterest is that you can amass ideas really easily for your wedding. The downside? Keeping your expectations in check. Some of the ideas look really pretty and may be deceptively easy to attain for your own wedding (read: easy only if you have a large budget for the celebrations). And if you’ve gotten all those ideas, it might be hard to let go of some of the things you may not be able to achieve for your own wedding, and difficult to stick to the budget you’ve agreed upon previously. When that happens, leave it to your groom, who may be more objective, to keep the costs in check.

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3. Play to your strengths
If you’re all about the little details such as getting the right flowers, linens, and calligraphy font for your stationery, ask your husband to help source for things like the best deals on venue and photography packages, music, car rentals and so on.

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4. The house and honeymoon
While you’re knee-deep in planning for one of the biggest events of your lives, ask him if he can help settle the paperwork for your new home, and honeymoon, which can get tedious, especially if you’re strapped for time.