Amy & Jay’s beautiful Bali wedding. Photo: Her World Brides March – May 2014

Edit your vision
There are lots of pretty weddings out there on blogs and Pinterest, but you have to really know what you want before focusing on the nitty gritty. Once you’ve locked down a specific look or theme, start prioritising your needs, wants, and areas where you can save on.

Be flexible
Having a weekend dinner reception, or one during the eve of or on a public holiday may be great and convenient for all, but it’ll also cost. Consider having your wedding on a weekday instead, or a lunch affair instead, which costs less per head.

The same advice applies to your colour palette, and flowers. If you’ve fallen in love with a venue that doesn’t suit your original colours, don’t be afraid to change it. Have your decorations complement the venue, instead of forcing your initial vision on it, which will take more time and effort to “cover” up. 

If you’ve got a favourite bloom you have to have at your wedding, but you’re not getting married at the right time, consider other, cheaper alternatives, as blooms that’re out of season are impossible to find, or are extremely pricey to obtain. Or, simply change your wedding date to suit the season (it’s not something we’d recommend, but it’s still doable).

Don’t waste food
We mentioned this here, but we’ll say it again. Your guests aren’t going to be able to enjoy (or stomach) a full 8- to 10-course meal without feeling bloated. Trust us when we say, you can consider opting for a menu with less courses, which your guests won’t be likely to miss.

Look for alternatives
If you’re thinking of having a wedding with “destination”, “beach” or “resort” vibes, you don’t actually have to make your way overseas to do so. Consider these fun and alternative venues, cafes and restaurants, indoor venues with alfresco vibes, for a breezy affair. 

Otherwise, look to cities like Phuket, Bintan, Sri Lanka, or Langkawi for venues that’re just as beautiful, but easier on your pocket