Wedding videos have changed through the years, as much as wedding trends, as well as photography, have. For instance, instead of the videographer simply following the couple throughout the ceremony, there are different ways of editing the film to reflect the look and style the couple prefers. 

Jeffrey & Daphne Wedding Day Highlights (Directed by Yang) from Substancefilms on Vimeo.

Here, a few reasons why we feel you should budget for a videographer, as well.

1. A trip down memory lane
They record significant memories photographs can’t capture. These include touching moments – from emotional wedding speeches to the ceremony – to unexpected, and sometimes hilarious anecdotes from guests, your photographs may be able to capture the laughs, but they won’t be able to recapture the joke or heartwarming moment again.

They also help recreate times with loved ones, if some of them have passed away since, or have grown distant.

2. It’ll probably help keep the romance alive, too!
Rewatching your wedding video even a few years after can give you the feels, as you revisit the time when you first made your vows. And, if you weren’t around for some parts of the reception, it’ll give you an insight as to what your guests were doing during your absence, as well!

3. They can be edited to suit your preferences
As mentioned, instead of stiff, recorded films of yesteryears, videos these days can be edited to fit your style, as much as your photos can. Yang from Substance Films, for instance, offers a series of video packages such as for save-the-dates, pre-wedding video (where it charts the couple’s relationship story), as well as wedding day films that focus on the details as much as the proceedings. 

4. There’s nothing quite like moving visuals with sound!
Pictures will never really be able to convey the depth and emotion you get when viewing a clip of a touching moment during your wedding. There the falling tear when u say your cow or the gorgeous swish of your ballgown when you swirl around at your first dance. Like a movie, there’s magic on the screen.