Gown: Style Bridal & Beauty. Photo: Her World Brides June 2014.

This is probably a great example of how social media can ruin your wedding day, thanks to gossip and rumours!  We’ve posted a story before on what to post and what to avoid on social media concerning your personal details (see what we mean here). 

Here are three ways you can prevent a social media meltdown before unfounded gossip, rumours and unapproved pictures go viral:

Only the facts
If you’ve got most of your wedding details confirmed and you like to share it on Facebook, make sure the facts are clearly stated. Vague details and poorly stated facts can always give rise to misinterpretation and distortion by gossip mongers.

Answer queries
Feel free to share your wedding details with people you are close to – family, relatives or friends. Make it a point to answer their queries if you can; avoid anything that’s too prying with “oh you’ll find out on the day itself!”  

People tend to speculate when they don’t have the right information so it’s best to always disseminate whatever information you want to share and answer queries clearly

Wedding day guidelines
I have attended weddings where couples have certain requests of their guests regarding social media postings. It would be good if you can inform your guests in advance of your preferences and guidelines when it come to social media – no pictures of the ceremony to be posted online or no handphones allowed for picture-taking or video recording during the celebrations.  

This would be a good way to regulate the information, and pictures, of your wedding on social media.