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3 ways couples can avoid disagreements during the wedding prep

Steve Thio, Contributing Editor for Her World Brides, shares his experiences with couples who got into disagreements over their wedding prep, and how you can resolve these issues easily.  

Image: 123rf/Gleb TV

Prepping for a wedding is really like any other 'project' that requires planning: renovating a new home, an overseas holiday or even just deciding the itinerary for the weekend. It's just that a 'wedding project' requires a lot more time, funds, effort and discussion than some other projects.

Every couple deals with situations differently but there are some essential points that will help them through the tough periods:

#1 Work Together
Some brides have mentioned to me that their fiance lets them decide on every aspect of the wedding as they have no interest in planning for it, don't have the ability for it and would rather not get into fights about it. But this would also mean that the bride has to bear the entire burden of planning the wedding herself - which is a heavy responsibility.

Couples should share the burden of planning the wedding together - it is their day after all. They have to discuss and decide who does what - just make sure that the person is capable of handling the assigned responsibility. Someone who is not interested in choosing the wedding decor or deciding on what font to use for the invites can always be tasked to oversee the budgets, or handle the rsvp or tech stuff.  

The experience of working together will also let both of you find out more about each other and if things turn out well, grow closer to each other.

#2 Give and Take
Sometimes to avoid getting into an argument and making their other half unhappy, some people tend to give in to every demand. This is not wise.

Couples should learn to compromise, negotiate and come to an agreement that both are happy with.  It no point forcing your decision on your other half and getting away with what you want; in the end your partner may feel unhappy and resentful. If you decision truly makes your other half unhappy, its best to ditch it and find an alternative that both of you are satisfied with.

It's may be your wedding but getting what you want may not be worth the damage you inflict on your relationship.


#3 Be Sure and Decisive
There are some people who can be very decisive when it comes to work, but terribly indecisive when it comes to decisions about their personal life. 

Being decisive does not mean being rash, or rushing into a decision without doing your research. You decision should be well-thought through so that everyone involved in your wedding - from the vendors, to your helpers and loved ones - will know what to do and expect.

Many couples create unnecessary stress for themselves and others when they keep changing their minds, especially at a late stage of the wedding prep; these issues can also cause arguments and major disagreements. So don't rush into something you will regret or change your mind about later. Plan, research then decide.