Image: 123rf/Ruslan Grigoriev 

#1 It’s just as hard to plan a small wedding as a big one

Choosing an alternative venue might mean going without a wedding package – unlike hotels, and you’ll have to organise your vendors and other logistics matters yourself.


#2 Being married may feel different

It’s not just a legal documentation. Unless you’ve been living together (“but even then”, according to some of our brides), being married is bound to feel different as when you weren’t seeing each other 24/7. Plus, there are joint accounts, expenses and responsibilities to consider now. 


#3 You might get post-wedding blues

It’s perfectly normal to be down once you’re no longer a bride. Here’s how you can manage them.


#4 Having a large bridal party adds up

Having nine bridesmaids may seem like a fun party and more hands to help, but that also means getting nine sets of bridesmaids gifts, dresses and 18 wedding seats (including plus ones). Be sure you have the budget for it. Not to mention – potentially more disagreements, miscommunication and so on. 


#5 Stay away from the alcohol, too much sugar and sodium

Don’t risk looking bloated or being sick on your big day. Cut out alcohol at least two weeks before your wedding. Ditto for sugar (this can cause inflammation, acne and sluggishness and weight gain), and salt. Excess sodium is a ticket to water retention aka puffiness. 


#6 Too much of Pinterest can be a bad thing

 Know when you should stop seeking inspiration and start working on ideas that are actually feasible and within your budget. A perfect Pinterest-wedding may not be one that’s you.


#7 A wedding planner is worth it

If you have the budget for it, get a wedding planner. You’ll unlikely regret this decision.


#8 Work out

It’s not just about looking toner, exercise is great for tackling wedding prep stress and making you feel healthier and confident, too. If nothing else, take brisk walks, or just lifting 2kg weights every day with your arms can make a difference as they are the one of the first muscles to respond to exercise.


#9 Don’t buy bridal lingerie too early in advance

Your breasts are one of the first areas to go up or down in size if your weight fluctuates. And good-fitting lingerie and shapewear is essential when it comes to looking great in your wedding dress. 


#10 Get a pair of comfortable wedding shoes

To survive your wedding day, your feet must first be cushioned well. Read a luxury shoe designer’s top tips on choosing the best shoes.


#11 Not everyone will have a ‘The One’ moment with their wedding gown

You’ll feel beautiful in more than one dress. Pick one that feels the most you

Our brides share their wedding dress shopping tips here.


#12 Picking a non-wedding photographer is a huge risk

Whether they’re cheaper or friends who profess to be handy with a DSLR, don’t take the gamble.


#13 Your wedding night probably won’t be exciting, in that way

Sleep will most likely be the main agenda. We’d recommend booking your hotel suite for at least two nights if you’re down for some sexy time with your new spouse. 


#14 Don’t forget to feed your bridal party

They’re not machines. Feed them well in between your full day festivities and you’ll have happier bridesmaids (and still have their friendship after the wedding). 


#15 Don’t expect your bridal party to be as good as professional wedding stylists

Expecting them to recreate the work of wedding professionals will be unreasonable of you. 


#16 You might have to micromanage your groom and groomsmen

But be sure to do it with grace. More importantly, they are willing to give a hand, even if weddings aren’t their forte.


#17 The most expensive thing isn’t always the best thing

The cheaper option can be more suitable for you. Do your research before splurging.


#18 Don’t forget to enjoy your handiwork

You’ve worked hard for this day so take time to appreciate your decor and set-up. Take it in before everything gets taken down because the day will go by in a flash.


19. The wedding is not just about you

Use the chance to thank and honour your family and appreciate the help from your friends.