PHOTO: Xing Ling & Chun Yew’s wedding


  • anything rude (not a good idea for a happy occasion)
  • any rumours or gossip (always stick to the facts)
  • anything about your past relationships or romantic affairs (the past is the past!)
  • anything sexual (keep it PG-rated)
  • nothing insulting or bitchy (friends won’t hurl any!)
  • any pointed barbs ( same as above!)
  • no revealing of secrets (they call them secrets for a reason…)
  • anything negative (character flaws, habits or behaviour)

They can and should include:

  • compliments (who doesn’t love a compliment?)
  • something witty or funny (without sarcasm or hidden insults)
  • touching or heartfelt tales and shared experiences (based on your friendship)
  • inspiring anecdotes (another kind of compliment!)
  • anything positive (especially about the bride or groom’s character and personality)
  • something romantic about the couple (nothing about past relationships please)
  • stories about the couples’ relationship (only the positive ones)
  • best wishes and blessings

Lastly, remember the toast is not about him or her (so be sure to remind them gently if you feel they’re veering off-course), and they should keep it focused on the newly weds! See also 5 ways to make a winning best man’s speech and what to avoid in your wedding vows and speeches.