Skin rejuvinates itslf every 28 days, so start your beauty regime early. Exfoliating both face and body with a medium-grain scrub twice a week will give you a glow. Gently now, we’re not asking you to scour the kitchen sink. If you’re already having problems with breakouts, forget the scrub – make an appointment with your doctor first to get the problem under control.

Daily dose
We’re a strong believer in vitamin C – popping 500mg (one or two pills depending on the pill’s dosage) a day keeps the zits away. Not to mention, helps strengthen skin.

Drink up
We can’t stress this enough – water hyrdrates skin, keeps it looking soft and supplies your body with nutrients. You’ll need the water too if you’re taking vitamin C. No cheating… eight glasses is the minimum.

Mask yourself
Find a suitable one for your skin. Oily skins: Opt for a clay-based mask; drier skins need a hydrating one. Mask at least once a week to get skin in a more “balanced” condition.

Dirty skin is a sure way to zits. Since most girls like to use transfer-proof or matte makeup, a good makeup remover to take off everything is a must. Follow that with a foaming wash to do the rest of the job.

Zit control
If your problem is just the occasional breakout, zap it with an over-the-counter product like Oxy-5. Applying a spot of clay mask over the zit can also help bring it down. Anything worse – angry-looking zits around the jaw area, especially – is usually a sign of stress-related breakout and may need a doctor’s treatment. 

Back acne
Some girls are just more prone to this because they may have more sebaceous glands on their back. See a doctor. He will be able to prescribe antibiotics and/or an antiseptic wash to help clear the problem faster and with minimal scarring. Meanwhile, check if your soap’s not too drying causing or exacerbating the problem.

Facial help
Dermatologists are in two minds about whether facials truly help. We say, go ahead – as long as there is no squeezing (which can lead to to broken skin and scarring). Consider the cleansing and massage a therapeutic session. Besides, regular massages have been known to help improve circulation and add radiance to the skin. We recommend Institut Clarins, known for its gentle lymphatic drainage massages.

Instant radiance
Check out the stores for skin-brightening moisturisers. These tend to contain pearlised pigments that help skin look radiant. The anti-oxident ingredients usually included in such products also offer protective benefits. 

Up the SPF
Too much sun will leave your skin looking dry and old. So hit the sunblock. We like Biotherm’s, with SPF 25. It hydrates and keeps the skin safe. If not, opt for a daily moisturiser with at least SPF 15 – one for face and another for body.

SPF cosmetics
Easily available now, cosmetics with SPF (usually a minimum sunscreen level but still better than nothing) are great for basic daily protection for the face. Find it in foundations and powders, especially, in Japanese brands like Shu Umera and RMK, says makeup guru Andy Lee. 

Touch of sun
If you’re already seeing some effects of too much sun – freckles or pigmentation spots around the eyes or cheeks – make an appointment with a dermatologist. Certain vitamin A-based creams – which need to be prescribed – can clear small spots in a few months.

Moisture regime
Slather on daily body lotion from neck down to your toes. It’s a great way to turn skin from dull to dewy for that strapless gown! Besides, it’s a good DIY massage. 

Your diet plays a big role in how your skin looks – food rish i antioxidants (broccoli, brussels sprouts or carrots) or good fatty acids (soyabean) help “plump up” skin’s moisture levels.

Stave off stress. It kickstarts sebaceous glands into producing too much oil, causing breakouts. Relax, smile, sleep as much as you can, and enjoy! 

This story was first published in Her World Brides March – May 2003.