Photo: Club Med Finolhu Villas at Maldives, Her World Brides June 2015

1. Book directly from the hotel’s website
Instead of going through third-party sites, some hotels like Shangri-La Hotel and Hotel Fort Canning offer better rates or perks if you book directly through their websites. It may also be a safer bet if you’re worried about your payment not going through, miscommunication in terms of the type of rooms, and so on.

2. Go local
If you want a taste of local living, consider Airbnb, where you may score with competitive rates for larger (and sometimes sleeker) spaces.

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3. It depends on where you book your banquet
Certain hotel groups like the Marriott or the Starwood group offer very attractive perks in their wedding packages, which include preferred rates or points scored from the banquet to offset honeymoon costs with the hotel’s sister properties

4. Go online
In the days leading up to your stay, or while you’re already there, don’t forget to tag the hotel or resort on your Facebook or Instagram account. Those who run active social media accounts may take notice of the fact that you’re on honeymoon, and you may enjoy complimentary drinks at the bar, use of the club, and more.

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5. Use your credit card
If you’re using your credit card for the wedding, make use of the rebates the card offers, especially since you would’ve already racked up quite a few points from purchases from the venue to your gown, and so on. See if you can get an upgrade, or free airfare (it depends on the amount of miles you have), but it depends on the type of card you’re using.

6. Consider all-inclusive packages
Resorts like Club Med offer all-inclusive packages that include meals, drinks, as well as some activities, but if you’re not big on food and drinks, then you may want to consider other options.

7. Travel off-peak
Unless you’re school teachers, there’s no reason for you to follow the school holidays to travel. But keep in mind your destination’s peak and off-peak seasons too, so you get to score the lowest rates possible.

8. Be flexible with your dates
When making your bookings, you’ll probably notice airline tickets and hotel bookings cost more on certain days. See if you’re able to make changes, and opt for the cheaper version. It may not save you that much, but we’re sure the extra dollars can go into another meal, drink, or souvenir.

9. Seek help
Like wedding planning, a tour agent would be really helpful in getting the best deals in terms of hotels and meals, and so on. In fact, signing up for a tour if you’re going to a place you’ve never been before, may benefit you more as opposed to going free and easy. They’ll know where to take you, and tour groups usually get preferred rates thanks to the agency. But it depends.

10. Know your priorities
Again, like planning for your wedding, priorities are important. List out the must-have experiences on your list, and see if there are ways to compromise on others. For instance, if accommodation’s important, you’ll have to budget less for something else, like activities. Or if food’s high on your list of must-dos, then you may have to opt for a slighter cheaper accommodation, or skip certain activities.

11. Do a honeymoon registry
With Singapore’s hongbao culture, it’s rare for couples to request for gifts via registries of any kind. But if you’ve got loved ones who insist on giving physical gifts instead, you can request that they chip in to your honeymoon fund instead.

12. Mention you’re honeymooners to the hotel or other vendors
When making your booking for your accommodation or tour group, or restaurants you want to check out, see if you can mention that you’re on your honeymoon. Some of them may offer you room or package upgrades, and so on. Plus, it never hurts to try!