11 tips on finding the right photographer for your actual-day wedding

Your actual-day photographer should have a keen eye for detail, like how Sin Huey’s traditional kua and headdress was beautifully captured in this shot. Photo: Singapore Singer Chew Sin Huey’s Wedding


I was at a wedding dinner last night and my niece pointed out to me that the photographer covering the event was not really up to scratch. They covered the bridal march-in, the table to table group shots and significant moments like the cake cutting, toasts and speeches, but other than that, they were nowhere to be seen.

The photographers for the dinner event also took the couple’s pre-wedding pictures – which were lovely! But they seemed a bit relaxed or disinterested when it came to covering the dinner celebrations. 


11 tips on finding the right photographer for your actual-day wedding

Real couple Shaowen and Bernard shares a happy moment with the groomsmen as they toast to the occasion. More details of their fairytale-themed wedding here.


There were many fun and happy moments during the dinner and the photographers were not around to cover them.

I have met a few pre-wedding photographers who only take on pre-wedding shoots and for a good reason – they are not interested in doing actual day shoots and they find it tiring. And some also admit that their forte is not actual day shoots. Some of the best actual day photographers may not be good pre-wedding photographers too!


11 tips on finding the right photographer for your actual-day wedding

Real couple Natalie and Timothy’s beautiful Phuket wedding venue decked out in paper lanterns and fairy-lights. Photo: Her World Brides Mar’16


Although there are many photographer who offer packages that include the pre-wedding and actual day shoots, it would be wise for couples to actually vet through their portfolios to ensure that these photographers are good at both. Depending on their style, the same photographer may excel in shooting portraits but may not do as well when it comes to spontaneous shots.

In such instances, you may want to book different photographers for different jobs: it may cost more but at least you will get the pictures you want.


11 tips on finding the right photographer for your actual-day wedding

Real bride Marie Soh beaming with her bridesmaid. Photo: Her World Brides Mar’17


Here, the things a good photographer should be. He or she should:

  • always be on hand to capture every significant moment of your actual day celebrations.  
  • cover every item in your ‘must-have’ picture list, and then more!
  • go through the day’s schedule and activities with you so that he knows what to expect and the important events to cover.
  • ask about the venues and places where the wedding/ celebration is to be held. If he has shot at these places before, he would be familiar with the angles and lighting available. If not, he should do some research, or recce the venue/s before the wedding.
  • be around all the time, and be on standby, during the whole event.  
  • have someone on hand all the time at the event, if he is bringing along a team of photographers: there should always be a photographer around clicking away. The whole team should not disappear for a period of time, whether for a break of even for dinner, as there may be things happening during the time they are away.
  • have a good journalistic instinct to capture even the most insignificant moments that may not seem important at the time, but could turn out to be the most significant picture of the day.
  • dress well for the occasion (casual dressy shirt and pants would be nice), is polite and attentive to everyone during the course of the day.
  • update you on what he/she has shot so far, based on the list of ‘must-have’ pictures.
  • always check with you during the lull moments of the day to check if there are any new/ other photo requests.
  • always be inconspicuous during the event so they will be able to capture the most spontaneous and natural moments without you or your guests being aware of them.


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11 tips on finding the right photographer for your actual-day wedding