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11 Korean love songs every K-drama fan should play at their wedding!

If you’re a fan of K-drama and K-pop and want to show off your love for your oppas (or the K-culture) at the wedding, there’s nothing stopping you.

Image from Descendants of the Sun/ Youtube

Wedding songs are important – any bride will tell you that. While the march-in song takes top priority, the rest of the playlist is just as important.

If you’re a fan of K-drama and K-pop and want to show off your love for your oppas (or the K-culture) at the wedding, there’s nothing stopping you.

In fact, you can even take inspo from Korean weddings – if you’ve ever been to one or seen it online, you’d probably know that it usually includes a singer serenading the newlyweds with “축가”, or congratulatory song.

While some people opt for the humorous path like this couple who had a Goblin parody at their wedding, most stick to romantic ballads that will cause every tender-hearted soul to shed a tear.

But we understand that happy ballads are not easy to find, especially with all the sappy K-drama soundtracks that speak of broken relationships and unrequited love.

Which is why we’ve rounded up some of the best ones that will blow your wedding guests away (or the couple, if you’re the appointed wedding singer for the BFF).


EXO's 'For Life'

EXO's D.O recently sang the English version of this song at actor Kim Ki Bang's wedding. The lyrics speak of eternal love and wanting to spend the next lifetime with the same person.

Alternatively, go for 'Angle', written by EXO member Chanyeol, which they sang for their Performance Director's wedding.

Favorite lines: Never gonna let you go / Giving you my heart and soul / You are my everything / For life.


Shinhwa's 'Angel'

This is a legit wedding song, just because the lyrics say so. In fact, Shinhwa has quite a few songs that are suitable for weddings, including 'First Love'.

Just don't use 'Wedding' as your anthem because it's about falling in love with your brother's bride. 

Favorite lines: Close your eyes, listen to my heart, live with me forever / In the morning, wake me up with your voice.


Gummy's 'You Are My Everything' (Descendants of the Sun OST)

All Descendants of the Sun fans should know this song (and we hope Ock Ju Hyun sings this at the Song-Song couple's wedding).

Like the drama plot, the song talks about a chance encounter that blooms into everlasting love. Does that sound like your love story?

Favorite lines: You are my everything / In the fate that falls like the stars / I met a person like you.

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Lyn's 'Love Story' (Legengs of The Blue Sea OST)

The soundtrack of Legend of the Blue Sea, this song not only mirrors Heo Joon Jae and Shim Chung's love story, but also one of steadfast love.

If that sounds like yours, include this in your wedding playlist!

Favorite lines: This is a love story / I can't hide it / My eyes that only look at you / I can't close them.


Lee Hyun's 'Because It's You'

Lee Hyun is one of the best male singers when it comes to ballads, and you can't go wrong with this romantic mellow number.

If you've had a tumultuous love life that culminated into a happy ending, this song is perfect for you.

Favorite lines: You are the reason that I love / Hold my hand and breathe with me.


Lena Park's 'My Everything'

The soundtrack of We Got Married Global Edition, this sweet song makes for the perfect seranade song to your partner to tell him how thankful you are to have met him.

Favorite lines: I feel brand new, alive / 'Cause they tell me that I'm yours and / You're mine.


Ra.D's 'I'm In Love'

Written by Ra.D for his wife when he got married, this song is for all of us who didn't think we could ever fall in love with someone, and when that person actually came along, we had no choice because this is what true love does. 

After all, how relatable are the lyrics: Honestly, it was not for me / To say that I liked you when we first met / I was afraid to lose you if I didn't contact you first / I typed a text and deleted it over and over again. 

Also, we love the jazzy piano accompaniments and r&b vibes. 

Favorite lines: Honestly, since I first met you / Thoughts of you come to me like waves in my heart / You're the only thing I think about all day.


Jeong Yeob of Brown Eyed Soul's 'Nothing Better'

Be healed by Brown Eyed Soul's warm, soulful vocals in this classic ballad that is probably known by most Koreans and has been covered by many popular artists.

Favourite lines: And now like breathing / If you were to always rest by my side/ If you were to always remain this way / Nothing better nothing better than you  


Noel's 'Proposal'

You cannot not include Noel's Proposal when you talk about romantic Korean ballads. Released in 2004, the song has become a classic and popular wedding song that's been covered by artists like 2 A.M and BTS J-Hope.

The amazing vocals and harmonization by Noel will give you goosebumps and touch you deeply. 

Favorite lines: You don't have to cry / I'll make you smile / I'll only give you happiness / I'll be by your side always and forever / Don't be afraid / Everything will be fine.


Jang Beom June's 'Without You By My Side' 

There's no voice like Jang Beom June's that seem effortlessly soulful and choked with emotions. 

The former front man of indie band Busker Busker wrote this song for his wife, actress Song Ji Soo, and we think it pretty much described what love and marriage of the ordinary man -that it's a love that can't do without each other, even if there are days where you can't stand each other, even when you are far apart. 

Favorite lines:  My love for you is / The love I cannot tell with words / But if I have to tell, listen / Without you by my side / I become choked up/ Even when we're apart / I understand and trust you / Take after you forever/ and love only you. 


ZICO (feat. IU)'s 'SoulMate' 

Released just this July, this lovely song cleverly describes how finding The One is like and is filled with fun rhythmic tunes and is one is for the millennial couple. The video is so cute and quirky as well!

Favorite lines:  Hello, my soulmate / Everything became more like you / A transparent knot has been tied / You can't leave this place, not even for a moment.


This article was first published in Cleo, with additional text by Cassandra Koh.