Former Indonesian Idol finalist Gisella Anastasia married her sweetheart, fellow actor Gading, in a romantic cliffside ceremony at Tirtha Uluwatu. The blushing bride wore an elaborate blush beaded dress, which complemented her skintone, for the occasion.

More than white
If white’s not your colour, consider something else – such as ivory, cream, pink, blue, or more dramatic hues such as purple, yellow, or black (see how these A-listers rocked their unconventional gowns). See our reasons on why we think pink wedding dresses are a great idea, as well as a list of wedding dress colours and what fits you best.

If your hair’s not long enough to be pinned up or tucked loosely to the side, opt for an attention-grabbing headpiece that matches the style of your dress, like real bride Samantha did.

Loose and fancy free
Gone are the days where you have to wear your hair in a stiff updo for your banquet. These days, you can wear your hair in any way you want to – long and loose, updated versions of classic styles, or even wear it short (see this real bride who looked great in an adorable bob).

Real bride Amelia opted for a fuss-free ensemble – including her hairdo (a pretty crystal headband paired with a loose low ponytail) for her solemnisation at East Coast Park.

The one accessory that truly sets a bride apart, you don’t have to wear a wedding veil if you don’t want to. With so many beautiful alternatives these days (such as fresh flowersflower crowns, bejewelled fascinators, crystal combs or hairbands), who needs veils, really?

Parties no more
Instead of a celebration worthy of The Hangover 4, you may be uncomfortable with, try alternatives like dinner parties, picking up a new skill, or doing activities with your groom-to-be and his friends. After all, the main point of these parties, is to say goodbye to singlehood in style, and to relieve pre-wedding jitters (if any). 


Thank you to my amazing friends and family for the best shower ever! #tellmeyouloveme

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Bridal showers
Used to be held by friends only, as mums and family members holding one will be seen as trying to solicit gifts on your behalf. Today, anyone can throw you a bridal shower! You can even hold separate ones, if different groups of friends are seeking to organise one for you.

Real bride Drusille (March 2012) asked her best friend, stylist Vernon Sim, to be her man-of-honour.

Wedding party roles
Goodbye gender tradition, and say hello to this new norm – bridesmen and groomsmaids (i.e. have your brothers and/or close male friends and/or cousins to stand on your side at the altar, and his sisters or female friends stand up on his). Although, you should have at least one female and male on your respective sides so they can help you with errands that may otherwise be awkward for people of the opposite gender (such as lacing you up in your dress, and so on). Wedding parties don’t have to be even on both sides, too.

Who pays what
With most couples paying their way for their wedding these days, the traditional allocation of expenses (for example, the bride’s side usually pays for the reception, while the groom’s side covers the rehearsal dinner), is a moot point, really.

Besides the hongbao…
With most Singaporean weddings, cash gifts are usually preferred. But if you’re having a registry, you don’t have to ask for home appliances if you’ve already got it covered. Instead, consider alternatives such as getting your guests to register for your honeymoon or lifestyle wish list which can include part of your hotel or resort’s expenses, air tickets, a great meal, and so on.

Geraldine and Brendan had two separate receptions for lunch and dinner. The latter, for family and close friends only, was held at Nosh.

Unique receptions and dinners
Today, intimate weddings at alternative locations such as parks and restaurants are favoured, as most couples are paying for their own celebrations, and would rather allocate their budget somewhere else – like the house, or the honeymoon. (See fun and unique venue alternatives, cool, hipster venues, modern and fusion restaurants and bars, as well as unique and modern Chinese restaurants). Also, see our tips on making your reception one memorable party, here.

Reception time
It used to be the case where the wedding reception was held a few hours after the ceremony. Today, you can separate both events, and have them on different days, so you don’t feel pressed for time. Plus, the reception will generally cost more, so it’s understandable if you’re looking to save even further, and have it a few months after your ROM or solemnisation ceremony.