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10 wedding invitation & stationery tips that'll help save you money

Paper, design and illustration fees, envelopes and stamps all contribute to the cost of your wedding. We've got 10 tips on saving on downsizing your wedding stationery budget.

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#1 Edit your guestlist

Rule of thumb for your guest list: family first, close relatives and best friends second, office colleagues third and distant relatives and acquaintances last. Once you've reached your quota, no more invites! And that goes for your parents' list too. (Decided on a small wedding? Here's how to tell your parents)


#2 Make your own invitations

With so many online apps, you can create your own unique invites in a jiffy! This will cut out costly design fees and you can either bring yours to a printer or if you're not too fussy, print them from home.


#3 Early RSVP date

Get your invited guests to RSVP early so that you have more time to rearrange and assess your invitations lists. 

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#4 Digital invites

Do your bit for the environment and send digital invites instead of printed ones. Besides saving tons, you'll also get to have fun invites with a host of digital features! Just check out the numerous apps online. Remember to get your guests to RSVP digitally too - either through e-mail or through a site you set up specially for RSVPs. Note: For your guests who aren't too tech-savvy, it's best to send the traditional printed invitations.


#5 DIY customisation 

You can always get more affordable generic wedding invite cards from the stores or the hotel, and customise them yourself using ink stamps, pretty trims and even creative calligraphy. ( See: Customised these online! Wedding dresses to love songs)


#6 One invitation says it all

Although an invitation suite looks impressive with its many sheets of invites and details, save paper by printing all the wedding details in one sheet instead. Get your graphic or stationery designer to work with a fold-out invite - double or tri-fold which can accommodate all your information in an organised layout. 

Having everything in one sheet is also easier for guests to refer to. Skip the extras - like belly bands or wax seals - and you'll save a pretty penny, too.


#7 Check, double check and triple check


Before you send your invitations to the printer, be sure to proof-read. Making a mistake can not only be embarrassing (you don't want to get dear Aunt Lilian's name wrong), it can also burn a deeper hole in your wallet if you have to reprint all the invites (think mistakes in the timings, addresses, and the like).


#8 Postcards instead?

If yours is a themed wedding, consider fun postcards or even personal photo prints that can be sent as invitations. Not only are these unique and fun, guests will also get a feel of the mood of your celebrations in advance. And it's so much cheaper than designing and printing customised invites! 



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#9 Handy menus

If you're planning to place escort cards at your tables, you can cut down on costs and paper by having your guests' names printed on the menu. Guests can then refer to the menu. If your venue is using a standard menu for your lunch/dinner, you can do an A4 mini standee signs with the guests' names instead. 


#10 Programme signages

Instead of individually printed programmes for your celebrations and ceremonies, why not have all the details laid out onto nicely designed signages? Not only will you be able to save some moolah, these signages add to your wedding decor as well.