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Be decisive
Like any work project on a tight deadline, you won’t have the luxury of time to be indecisive. You can’t waste time doing too much research or trying on too many dresses. Be decisive and clear about what you want from the start and don’t deviate from your decision even if there are other more attractive options available. You simply don’t have time to go back to the drawing board and start your wedding prep all over again. 


Set a budget
Probably the first and most important item to decide on is your budget. Without a budget, you can’t really plan anything else. Once your budget is set – based on the kind of wedding you want and how many people you are inviting – you can move on with the other details.


Set a date
Without a date for your wedding, you wouldn’t’t be able to organise all the other logistics or confirm details with your vendors. A fixed date will allow you to pan your time and schedule effectively, and also allow you to determine the venues that are available for your wedding.


Confirm the venue
Once the date is set, you can source around for the right venue. Most wedding venues are usually booked one year in advance – so depending on how big your celebration is you may want to consider alternative places like cafes, alfreso restaurants or even a marquee celebration in the outdoors. You may also want to consider alternative timings for your celebration as daytime wedding receptions/lunches still rare locally and would be easier to confirm.

Decor items birdcages and lanterns can easily be found on wedding rental sites or even Taobao. Image: andrewlex/

Decor needs
Stick to simple themes and concepts, which you can recreate. You can add some of your own elements to the venue’s decor to personalise it a little. If you need to find your own florist, then plan for a simple decor theme or concept that can be achieved in a short time. Go for local blooms and generic decor details like ribbons and paper lanterns. Opt for more popular decor colours like white, blue or pink.


Shop for your wardrobe
A month is very little time to have a customised gown done – unless you’re willing to pay more to have your gown done fast. There are some bridal designers who are able to finish a beautiful gown under three weeks but you need to stick to simple, elegant designs that are not too fussy or require intricate hand worked detailing. The groom’s suit would be a lot easier to confirm as most tailors are able to finish a suit within two weeks. And there is always a good variety of well tailored suits in the stores to choose from.

The easier option is to buy gowns off-the-rack and get it altered (see these 6 Singapore alteration services), or rent your dresses from a bridal salon.


Couples should be sending out their invites at least a month before the wedding and getting RSVPs two weeks before. If you have no time to customize your invitations, send out e-invites through e-mails or Facebook. It’s speedier, fuss-free and effective.


Be flexible
You may have a dream wedding in mind but some dreams take time. Be open-minded and flexible to what’s available and be willing to compromise and adapt your plans to meet your deadline. As mentioned earlier, stick to simple decor themes and wedding concepts that can be realized easily.


Forget DIY
DIY-ing your wedding requires time. Unless you have a whole posse of helpers who are dedicated to just DIY details and elements for your wedding, set aside a budget and get the professionals to handle it. It’s one less thing to work about in your to-do list.



Misc stuff
Other items like music for the reception and dinner, planning the reception table or schedule of activities for the day itself, determining your bridal party etc – delegate these tasks to a close friend or sibling. Just discuss your preferences and get regular updates from them to ensure that everything is done according to schedule. Note: Don’t demand too much from your helpers and be willing to compromise on what you want. As you don’t have time to do everything yourself, some of these tasks may not meet your expectations; its more important that you are appreciative of their efforts.