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Just got engaged? Chances are, you’re most likely (we totally get it!) going to want to flaunt that ring on your finger and give your friends and relatives a chance to ooh and aah over your ring! But snapping the mandatory ring selfie is so expected right? Not if you know the tips and tricks to getting it right. Nail that envy-inducing selfie with these rules of thumb (or ring finger!)


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1. Get a manicure

It goes without saying that you want your ring to be the focus of the picture but not your chipped nails! Soft pastel shades are always a safe choice, but don’t hesitate to go bold and pick a colour that you love. Adding an accent like crystals on your ring finger will add oomph and make your ring pop. Don’t forget to moisturise your hands right before the picture. Doing so brings out a dewy shine to your hands.

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2. Find the right light

Getting the right light can up your ring’s bling potential! Try taking your selfie outdoors for even lighting or shoot near a window if you are indoors. Keep in mind that you don’t want to blend indoor and outdoor lighting as this may create an unflattering yellow cast on your picture.


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3. Play with angles

Don’t like how your hands look in the picture? Experiment with different angles as not all the angles make your hand look as flattering. Instead of taking the typical head-on shot, try angling your hands to the side. Make sure your angle compliments your ring’s features and doesn’t make it look flat.

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4. Pay attention to the background

Whether a gorgeous skyline or a patterned pillow, take note that your background doesn’t overpower the ring. Overdoing it might distract attention from your ring so keep it simple. Shoot against darker backgrounds as our eyes are always drawn to the brightest part of the picture.


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5. Strike a pose

Bid awkward hands goodbye! Relax your fingers, pick a prop or rest your hands against your chin. Tilt your hand (just slightly) to avoid highlighting the hair on your hand or the pores. Or get your fiance in on the shot – add an ultra-sweet vibe by resting your hands on your fiance’s arm, on his chest or draped over his shoulder. 

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6. Pick the best one

You probably want to spam your social media account with pictures of your bling – but choose just one to share. Skip the collages and settle on one great shot to feature. Not everyone will appreciate getting a flood of your ring selfies in their feed. 


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7. Focus, don’t zoom!

Your smart phone might have an auto-focus, but don’t rely on just that. Tap on your ring right before you go click-click, correcting the focus instantly makes your shot more professional. Stay away from the temptation to zoom as that pixelates your picture. Bring the phone physically closer to your hand or vice-versa instead.

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8. Get creative

Think creative but not silly! Stand out and take a step away from the usual hand snaps. Incorporate trinkets, a place that’s meaningful to you or even desserts! Overusing props and cheesy poses will have you regretting your ring selfie years down the line. You don’t want that, do you?


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9. Fix before you post

There are a variety of apps out there to help you make your dream selfie look it’s best! Try Photoshop Express, Adobe lightroom or VSCO Cam. These apps make editing a breeze on your phone! Best for fixing the temperature, saturation or even to add some cool filters.

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10. Don’t make it all about the ring

Yes, you want to flaunt your new ring, but think about who put that gorgeous sparkler on your finger? Let him in on some action and include him in the shot. Whether he’s on a bended knee or just resting his arm on yours, it’s plain and simply romantic!